Farmers’ fury: Bruno Le Maire announces doubling of restrictions on mass distribution to comply with Aglim law

Bruno Le Maire announced the establishment on Wednesday 500 checks in mass distributionDouble the normal number, to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Egalim Law aimed at better remunerating farmers.

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The Minister of Economy and Finance also said that it has launched Four mandates to four industrial groups WHO “will not respect” the same The minister declined to name the groups concerned out of respect for the contradiction.

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“If it appears that we are right (Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control), they will be sanctioned heavily up to 2% of turnover”He warned on Europe 1. Regarding distributors, he continued, “We will go through every provision” and verify compliance with Egalim laws.

Bruno Le Maire also warned that the rules of the law also apply to all distributors European buying centers. Also recalled the approval of “6 million euros” Leclerc has already been prosecuted for bypassing European buying centres. There will be certain restrictions on these buying centers.

The government has promised to announce new measures in the coming days to quell the agrarian uprising that gathered on Wednesday, with about 10,000 demonstrators at about a hundred blockade points, according to Gerald Darmanin.

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