Failed upon release, this cult horror film starring Megan Fox could have been a sequel

If the majority missed “Jennifer’s Body” (2009), some praised it as soon as it was released. The film with Megan Fox has become a cult over time and its screenwriter wants to develop a sequel.

Jennifer’s bodyA film ahead of its time

Sometimes the timing is good for some films. And there is no doubt about it Jennifer’s body is one of them. Horror comedy starring Karine Kusama Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, was clearly not considered at its fair value when it was released in 2009. Besides its modest box office score ($31 million worldwide for a $16 million budget), the feature film was largely destroyed by the press. and viewers. Some still defend this horror film.Alternately parodic and extravagant, but consistently funny and provocative“, as written the world In his critique.

Megan Fox - Jennifer's Body ©20th Century Fox
Megan Fox – Jennifer’s Body ©20th Century Fox

But as the years passed, and following the movement me too, Jennifer’s body acquired Feminist cult film status. Because behind the film’s irony and deliberate satire, there are very current themes about sexism and sexual harassment. We follow Jennifer Cheek (Megan Fox), a would-be high school bombshell Preying on young satanic rockers which in turn sacrifices in the hope of success. But Jennifer comes back to life and intends to take revenge by eating the boys. Her best friend, Needy (Amanda Seyfried), who is her opposite in every way, then finds herself in a dilemma. Between her desire to protect the city and help her friend.

Jennifer’s body So play with the horror code, too Stereotypes of female characters. And Karin Kusama deliberately uses the hypersexualization of her lead actress to bend the sexual fantasy and make her more victim than vengeful, antagonist.

There are still things to say

It will be good to watch the movie again today. Especially sinceA sequel can be prepared, more than 15 years after its initial publication. At least that’s what screenwriter Diablo Cody wants, when writing Lisa Frankenstein, which is slated for release in American theaters. Spoke to the screenwriter on this occasion Bloody disgusting His desire to offer a sequel to Jennifer’s body.

Yes! I want to make a sequel. I didn’t work with Jennifer’s body. I just need to find people who believe in it as much as I do and associate with it. But this has not happened yet. I need someone who believes in him and has a billion dollars.

If for the moment Nothing is done For the development of Jennifer’s Body 2, the will of Diablo Cody is there. Hope his output will be heard. Especially since it’s not uncommon for Hollywood to be interested in older works. And with the cult film status the film now enjoys, this seems possible. A situation that does not offend the screenwriter, even as she shares her regret Jennifer’s body It was not praised upon its release.

At first, I was obviously very excited, but I was also a little disappointed because I remember where this audience was when the movie came out. It was a critical and professional failure. Frankly, I was insulted. Releasing the film was a difficult experience. (…) It was hard for me, it was hard for Megan… (Then) people suddenly started talking about it and saying it was a good film, which I always thought.

While waiting for this sequel idea to take shape, you can always Watch the movie again on Disney+.

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