European security at the center of the debate between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Tusk, who are visiting France

According to Norwegian intelligence services, Russia is on the verge of gaining military influence over Ukraine.

Russia is gaining the upper hand militarily in Ukraine, Norwegian military intelligence chief Nils Andreas Stansoen warned in an annual risk assessment report by Norwegian security services.

“In this war, Russia is now in a stronger position than it was a year ago and is gaining an advantage”, he revealed to the press. To support his remarks, he argued that Russia “Can muster nearly three times as many troops as Ukraine”that “Moscow is adapting to sanctions better than expected” And that its industry is now capable of producing munitions, combat vehicles, drones and missiles and equipping its forces. “Keep up their war effort all year round”.

He said that Russia benefits from the military support of North Korea, Iran, Belarus and China, who, according to him, do not supply weapons but “Machinery, Vehicles, Electronics and Spare Parts” Useful for the Russian arms industry.

“Significant Western arms support will be needed so that Ukrainian forces can defend themselves and regain the initiative in the conflict”He stressed, recalling the requirements for ammunition, long-range weapons, anti-aircraft defenses, tanks and fighter planes.

Norway, along with Denmark and the Netherlands in particular, is among the European countries that have committed to supplying Ukraine with F-16 fighters, an aircraft that Kiev has been desperately requesting from its allies. “Norway and Europe must be ready to take more responsibility to ensure their own security and that of their allies”Norway’s defense minister, Bjorn Arild Gramm, reacted.

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