Esport – League of Legends: BDS and G2 have their place in the LEC

BDS and G2 have margins

A favorite of the LEC, the European Championship League of Legends, scheduled for the start of the play-offs this week. After dominating the regular season, top seeds Team BDS and G2 Esports have confirmed their place in the top 3 and will face each other next Monday for a spot in the winter segment finals.

There is no real need to worry for G2 Esports, the reigning European champions and heavy favorites to make it this year. Against GiantX (2-0) on Saturday, then its long-time rival Fnatic this Monday (2-1), the Samurai moved with defiant ease, both in the draft and in the game, and a creation “Brokenblade” Celic of the great day.

Facing BDS, G2 will pass its first big test of the season. The Swiss club, led by its trio of French players, showed great things once again this week, putting together a square game and fully respecting its fundamentals. Enough to pass without problems Heretics (2-0) then Team Vigor (2-0), which was a little tough.

Vigor and Fnatic in ambush

Beaten this Monday, Team Vitality can still be satisfied with their weekend. Making clear progress in recent weeks, the French team confirmed with a surprise against SK Gaming (2-0), before shaking BDS despite the loss, thanks to the great Vincent “Wetheo” Berry. With such a face, Abiles, who have already finished in the European top 6, can hope to go one better this winter.

For Fnatic, the observation is similar. Against MAD Lions KOI, the Orange and Black did the job and maintained their position (2-0) without impressing. But against G2, they conceded a very encouraging loss (1-2), flying in the second half and getting off to a good start in the third before cracking. Rather a good omen as a team like BDS was transferred to this Loser’s Bracket (Draft Tree)…

SK and the Heretics, the future duel of the disillusioned

So successful in its first outings, SK Gaming missed out on the play-offs entirely… Tactically bewildered by the vitality, the German team was overwhelmed individually, as was a particularly disappointing Yassin “Niski” Dincer. To shake off its reputation as a team that only performs in the regular season, it will have to pull out all the stops. Loser’s Bracket. Next Saturday, he will face Team Heretics in an elimination match, another wounded beast: despite his experience, the latter was completely overwhelmed by BDS, showing significant flaws.

On the other side of the tree, GiantX, who were unable to level up against G2, will face MAD Lions KOI, who will start as favorites. The winner of this match will face Vitality for a top 4 spot.

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