Entry into force of addition to basic pension of 5.3%



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Pension Reforms: Entry into force of increase of 5.3% in Basic Pension -

Pension Reforms: Entry into force of addition to basic pension of 5.3%

Pension reform: entry into force of an increase of 5.3% to the basic pension – (France 2)

The 5.3% hike in retirement pension will come into effect from Friday 9 February. Who cares? Is this enough, and in concrete terms, what does this represent at the end of the month? Response elements.

On Friday February 9, the basic pension amount of Marie-Françoise and Jean Kolazek increased by 5.3%. His pension was increased. Marie-Francois, a former civil servant accountant, has already received her pension, which increased a few days ago. “At home, it gives us +152.68 euros per month”, she reckons. A welcome boost for her 68-year-old husband. “It allows us to preserve things, and our standard of living does not deteriorate”He comments.

“Essential” due to rising cost of living.

“When we look at the total, it’s enormous: 1,800 euros (per year). That’s almost a month of retirement for one of us.”adds Marie-Francois, for whom there was a rise “required”, especially due to the increase in the cost of living. Christian Fallot, who had retired from La Poste, was also waiting for his upbringing. From today, she will get a pension of 1,400 euros plus 70 euros. “He won’t let me go on vacation”in the best “Maybe eat a little more meat”, she laments. The increase concerns only basic pension.

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