Electric cars: The government has reduced the ecological bonus by 1,000 euros

Cut the ecological bonus. Support for the purchase of an electric car will fall by 1,000 euros to 4,000 euros this year, half for the wealthiest households. A decree confirming the information from the “Echos” of December 22, appeared on Tuesday morning.

The text was supposed to arrive in late 2023. But the file got caught up in an arbitration dispute between the Ministry of Transport and Bersi. A long ministerial reshuffle period was then granted.

Companies are also suffering from bonus restrictions. In fact the text suggests “reduce by 1,000 euros the maximum amount of ecological bonus applicable to the purchase of new vans for legal entities”. “We are uniformly reducing the various conversion bonuses by 1,000 euros,” summarizes a ministerial adviser.

More bonuses for businesses

Above all, it “eliminates the ecological bonus applicable to the acquisition of new private cars for legal entities”. This can amount to up to 3,000 euros.

On the other hand, the bonus of 7,000 euros for half of the families with the lowest income is maintained at its previous level, as Elysee indicated to “Echos” on Sunday. An amount considered “extremely generous” in government.

Even better, individuals will be able to receive an increased bonus of 1,000 euros for “electric car leasing for used passenger cars.”

“The budget for greening the French automobile fleet of 1.5 billion euros is increasingly targeted at the most ordinary households,” we explain to the government. Public support is thus most effective in triggering the purchase of electric cars.

But the bonus for buying used electric cars and vans has been removed. Likewise, the conversion bonus for Crit-Air 1 thermal vehicle purchases disappears. Finally, the decree confirms the end for 2024 of the system offering electric cars for 100 euros (social leasing).

Budget constraints

The government, struggling to balance its 2024 budget, does not want the 1.5 billion euro budget dedicated to greening the automobile fleet to spiral out of control. In 2023, Bersi had to extend an additional 300 million euros at the end of the year following the success of the ecological bonus.

The emerging retrofit sector – the conversion of thermal vehicles to electric or hybrid – has received a new bonus for plug-in hybrids as part of it.

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