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If you download Minecraft, you can play the world’s greatest construction game. Created by Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed by Mojang Studios, it is a creation game mixing action and reflection in a pixelated 3D environment that allows you to create anything you like inside a cubic universe. You will explore randomly generated worlds and create worlds that are as amazing as they are amazing.

Completely free, it can be downloaded on PC and is also available as an app for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo (Switch, Wii U, New 3DS) consoles and iOS and Android. . Minecraft is everywhere for its players to enjoy. In 2024, it will have less than 166 million active players. To give you an idea of ​​the scale of success, in 2023, a record of 25 million players was reached in a single day.


Downloading Minecraft lets you enter a world entirely dedicated to construction where you’ll be able to let your imagination run wild. It immerses you in a procedurally generated universe made up of cubes representing different materials such as earth, sand, stone, water, lava or ore. Inhabited by animals or monsters like cows, sheep, zombies and skeletons, you have to make your way and collect resources to survive and carry out constructions on a map with no limits.

Your character is presented in the form of a skin and you will be able to choose its appearance from the seven choices offered. You have a health and life meter (20 points each), as well as a first-person view, which you can switch to second-person and third-person via options. You will have an inventory of 27 boxes at your disposal, each of which can contain 64 objects of the same type. Your items are created from your inventory via a two-by-two manufacturing grid, but can also be retrieved using your pickaxe during your adventure. There are more than 300 different types of blocks, which provide great richness to the game. After that it is up to you to live your adventure as you wish.

Various game modes

By choosing to download Minecraft, know that you are entering a sandbox type of game. All this opens up almost endless possibilities for you, being able to create all kinds of textures and decorations on an endless map. For this, several game modes are available: Creative Mode, Survival Mode and Adventure Mode.

Constructive mode is for construction. Indeed, it is in this that you have almost all the blocks and other objects in the game. You will have an unlimited amount of objects in your inventory, organized by category. You are free to destroy and build anything you can think of (castles, roads, buildings, walkways, water fountains, etc.) without worrying about managing your health and hunger. It’s all about having fun and having fun as long as you’re creative. Some reproduce entire cities, monuments or symbolic sites.

Survival Mode is a Minecraft game mode in which you have to collect resources, build structures, fight monsters, manage your hunger, and explore the world to survive and thrive, in single or multiplayer. You have a choice between a “peaceful” difficulty mode, where obstacles are minimal, or a “hardcore” mode, where you have to be extra vigilant, knowing that you only have one life and that difficulty is blocked. in difficult Resources will allow you to defend yourself and build weapons for your defense. Hunting will help keep you from starving, as will growing vegetables. The goal of this mode, which does not prevent you from continuing the adventure in any way, is to kill the Anderdragon, which is hidden in another dimension.

Finally, Adventure Mode, a game mode designed primarily for player-created maps, limits normal gameplay. It is a mode similar to survival mode, but where it is impossible to modify the map. The game takes on its full dimension in multiplayer mode, as constructions become collaborative and creative. But be careful, you can only break blocks with certain objects and in certain exceptions.

So, if you too want to experience an extraordinary adventure, wait no more and come download Minecraft to join millions of players who have already won. Bought by Microsoft in 2014 for $2.5 billion, the game has since exploded into records. The Chinese version of Minecraft has over 700 million players.

Alternatives to Minecraft

If you don’t want to download Minecraft, know that there are many other games on the market that allow you to play in an open world, starting with Roblox. A free-to-play video game, this is primarily for children and teenagers. Powered in a virtual universe, it allows you to create, share experiences with your friends and become anything you can imagine. Roblox is home to an ever-expanding library of community-created worlds and experiences. There are many popular types of games: obstacle courses, tycoons, shooting simulations, escape games and many more. You will always find a new and exciting game to play.

In another style, you also have a terrarium. Immerse yourself in the heart of a magical world where you’ll encounter unicorns, knights and skeletons who all want you dead. Explore underground areas, find more powerful opponents to test your fighting skills or build your own city. From lush forests and barren deserts to dungeons, underworlds and terrifying corruptions, a whole world awaits you. It is also possible to share the adventure with up to seven other players for a fun multiplayer experience.

In 2024, there is finally one last game that is experiencing amazing success: Palworld. It is a game that is a kind of derivative of Pokemon and reached 20 million players within days of its launch. It’s also about creating the perfect environment on the map to protect yourself and conquer the world.

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