Don’t miss this STERWINS trimmer for less than €85!

Eager to improve your gardening habits to prepare for the eventual arrival of spring? Because tending to your garden is always a pleasure, Leroy Merlin offers you this battery-powered trimmer to remove grass even in the most difficult corners.

Sterwins: Increase your chances in the garden

STERWINS brand is committed Offering you simple and effective gardening tools For all your motorization, water management and cleaning needs.

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These tools Combines maneuverability and ergonomics To guarantee the best results and pleasant handling.

Products are also rigorously tested by independent laboratoriesProvide the customer with a product of impeccable reliability.

STERWINS battery operated trimmer, 20 V, l.28 cm

With this wireless device, Leroy Merlin makes you Enjoy all the benefits of an electric or gasoline hedge trimmer.

Little maintenance is required, Because the device does not require draining the engine or changing the filter.

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The UP20 battery is compatible not only with STERWINS UP20 devices, but also with DEXTER machines, giving you great flexibility.

Its 100 W power will allow you to garden with easeBut also to tinker comfortably and safely.

Thanks for UP technology contained in the motorsBenefit from protection against overcurrents during your work.

The innovative U20 battery technology not only gives you the energy you need to get your work done for longer, but also a sleep option to reduce self-discharge when your device is idle.

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You can too Check the charge level thanks to its LED indicator.

Leroy Merlin Here are the technical specifications of the trimmer:

  • Telescopic work : Yes
  • edge function : Yes
  • Adjustable handle function : Yes
  • Adjusting the working angle : Yes
  • Wire diameter (in mm) : 1.6
  • Power (in W) : 100
  • Voltage (in V) : 20
  • Battery and charger : Supplied – 20 V – 2.5 Ah
  • Autonomy – charging time : 15 minutes – 60 minutes

This STERWINS trimmer is offered Priced at €84.90 At Leroy Merlin and you have a two-year guarantee from the date of issue.

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Advantages of LEXMAN UP20 Battery

With UP Battery, take advantageAutonomy for your machines without relying on an electrical source And carry out your work with more ease.

The choice of battery machine will make you Save time during daily engine maintenance. In fact, you neither have to change the filter nor drain it.

Calm and less anxiety-inducingBattery powered equipment will allow you to reduce noise pollution and work in more pleasant conditions.

LEXMAN UP20 battery can be sold separately Priced at €59.90.

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