“Don’t be surprised if it comes to PlayStation”: Could this cult Xbox video game franchise also land on PS5?

Game news “Don’t be surprised if it comes to PlayStation”: Could this cult Xbox video game franchise also land on PS5?


In recent days, we’ve been hearing a lot about Microsoft’s future strategy, but not really officially: rumors are rampant and many journalists and well-known insiders are making fiery announcements. Like Jez Corden, about the Halo saga.

Movement found

We talked to you about it recently, but While Microsoft Gaming’s numbers are rising, Xbox hardware’s numbers are falling short of expectations And as more time passes, the Redmond firm tends to become more of a giant third-party publisher (certainly with a desire to be the first in the world) than a manufacturer.

It must be said that Phil Spencer has never hidden his desire to put Game Pass ahead of Xbox, By bringing it to as many media as possible… and even to competing machines if Sony or Nintendo one day give the green light..

In recent days, several highly respected journalists and insiders have claimed that certain Microsoft exclusives will soon be released on PlayStation 5 or Switch. For example, Games like Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush or Sea of ​​Thieves will achieve this with the pure motive of profitability, according to Jez Corden, a journalist with many proven scoops from Windows Central. And to add credence to all this, against these incessant voices from the corridors, Phil Spencer has announced a speaking engagement next week “Unveiling Xbox’s Future Strategy”. It may be denial, but the excitement is at its peak.

Halo on PS5 soon?

“Halo on PlayStation” is a phrase that always seemed counterintuitive but which, lately, can make so much sense. It was Jez Corden once again who dropped this possibility like a stone on a pile: “Don’t be surprised if Halo comes to PlayStation”He recently admitted. So be careful, this in no way confirms that this will actually be the case, but according to them it is a possibility that should be expected considering Microsoft’s future plans to export everywhere.

In the same vein, Jeff Grubb, another personality known for his numerous leaks, also recently admitted to the show. Game morning mess That multiplatform releases of Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment were indeed in the works… but that’s not all. “But another name that I’ve heard, and that’s really being studied, is Gears of War. It’s huge, we’re talking about a video game monument, the equivalent of Halo for the Xbox.”he announced into the microphone.

If Halo and Gears of War did indeed land on PlayStation 5 or Nintendo (via a future console?), it would be A significant and fairly historic shift for the video game industry, with Microsoft’s determination to establish itself as a publisher rather than an outright arbiter. We’ll take it seriously for the moment, but it remains to be seen: something seems to be happening behind the scenes.

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