direct. War in Ukraine: “extremely critical situation on the front” for Kiev, Russian ship destroyed off Crimea coast

Oleksandr Sirsky, the new commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian military, announced on Wednesday that he had visited the hottest areas of the eastern front with the defense minister, describing the situation on the ground as “extremely complex and tense”. “The Russian occupiers continue to increase their efforts and numbers” of Ukrainian forces, he declared on Telegram, as Ukraine struggles to replenish the ranks of its army and American military aid, including the country’s need to counter the Russians, remains blocked.

Russian landing craft destroyed by Ukraine

The Ukrainian military claimed on Wednesday that it had “destroyed” a Russian warship, the “Cesar Kaunikov”, off the coast of southern Crimea, the Russian-occupied Ukrainian peninsula. The information is not confirmed, for the moment, by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Three people were killed in Donetsk region

Nine buildings, as well as a hospital, were hit overnight by Russian strikes in the town of Salidov, near Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine, local authorities reported on Telegram. At least three people were killed, 12 people were injured.

After Donald Trump’s remarks on NATO, Joe Bien doesn’t lose his temper: “Never before in our history has a president bowed to a Russian dictator”

Donald Trump’s comments on NATO never stop Joe Biden from reacting. On Saturday, the former US president said he would “encourage” Russia to attack countries in the defense alliance if they don’t pay their share. “The worst thing is that he thinks,” reproaches the former White House current tenant. “Never before in our history has a president bowed down to a Russian dictator,” he continued.

The Kremlin may see more than Ukraine in the long run

Hello and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the news of the war in Ukraine.

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