direct. Israel claims to have arrested the sister of a Hamas leader based in the south of the country

Israeli police announced on Monday, April 1, that they had arrested the sister of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in southern Israel as part of a “terrorism” investigation. Sabah Abdel Salam Haniyeh “Suspected of contacts with Hamas operatives and identification with the organization while inciting and supporting acts of terrorism in Israel”, according to Jewish state authorities. Follow our live stream.

Israeli forces withdraw from al-Chifa hospital. The withdrawal, observed by witnesses and reported by Hamas, was made official by Israel, which confirmed “finish” The operation was launched two weeks ago against the largest health facility in the Gaza Strip. Hamas announced that it had discovered it “Dozens of Bodies” and reported loss of goods “very important”.

A new fatal strike at the hospital. The director of the World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Sunday that four people were killed and 17 injured in an Israeli strike on a camp on the grounds of Al-Aqsa Hospital. The Israeli army said it had been targeted “Command Center for Islamic Jihad and Backyard Terrorists” From this establishment in the central Gaza Strip. A WHO team was on the spot at the time of the incident.

Hamas’s “apology” to Gazans. Hamas presented for the first time “his excuses” In a lengthy statement published on his Telegram channel on Sunday evening, for the suffering caused by the conflict to the residents of Gaza. The Islamic Movement, however, reiterated its desire to continue this war, which, according to it, should make it possible to achieve it. “Victory and Freedom” Palestinians. He addressed “A Message of Thanks to the People” of the Gaza Strip, from which he identifies “tired”.

600 Israeli soldiers have died since October 7. “Nadav Cohen, 20 years old, died in combat south of the Gaza Strip from Haifa (…)”.An Israeli army spokesman announced on its official website, bringing the number of Israeli soldiers killed in Israel and the Palestinian territories to 600 since the start of the war.

Benjamin Netanyahu managed “successfully”. The Prime Minister of Israel underwent hernia surgery “with success”, according to a press release from his office issued Monday. it is “Get in shape and start recovering”, at the end of this operation on Sunday evening, was very closely followed. At the same time, thousands of Israelis demonstrated in Jerusalem to demand his resignation and the release of Israeli hostages held in Gaza.

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