Diablo 4 shares the ideal build for Player Season 3 Vault

Estelle Vernet

Among all the possible builds in the game, players believe that Diablo 4 Vaults has a special build that works wonders.

In Diablo 4 Season 3, Blizzard introduced Vaults. These vaults are a type of dungeon filled with traps. However, unlike dungeons, they always have the same layout.

Traps inside the vault can be deadly. If you are not fast enough, you will be able to take a significant amount of damage from them. So it is better to have a build with high movement speed when facing this Diablo 4 vault. And in fact, a player thinks they’ve got the perfect build.

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Diablo 4 Player shares the perfect build to tackle Season 3 Vault

Player u/SituationMore869 took to Reddit to say that he thinks the Storm Druid build was made for Diablo 4 Season 3 Vaults. He added that this build can destroy enemies before they can find the player, and he gave the impression that the developers “ Searched » Build for this purpose.

Other players shared the same opinion on this build. One replied, ” I love orange this season. I don’t see huge numbers but I see a lot of them. Vaults are easier because you know where the enemies will be, 75% of the time I kill them off camera. Once you get Tempest you can absolutely eat human form/companions and it’s more fun”.

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Another player shared his druid build in Diablo 4 and said, “ I obviously don’t one-shot bosses like barbarians but I destroy anything that isn’t a boss immediately. It takes me about 20 seconds to kill Duriel ” To this, the OP replied, “ So you’re actually using the Lightning Human Druid build, and it’s still overkill. Glad to know Storm Wolf isn’t the only viable option! »

With Barbarian builds currently dominating the Season 3 meta, it’s interesting to see players push the new Druid builds in Diablo 4, even if it’s just for vaults. It will be interesting to see how the meta progresses as the updates come.

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