Denis Villeneuve Responds to Sicario 3 Return Rumors


  • Denis Villeneuve has not been approached about directing Sicario 3But if Taylor Sheridan is involved, he supports the film.
  • Villeneuve’s direction in the first Sicario He was praised, but it seems unlikely that he will return for the sequel.
  • to bring back the original cast Sicario 3 would appeal to audiences who enjoyed the first movie more than the second, and would spark further debate about Villeneuve’s involvement.

Denis Villeneuve responds to rumors that he will direct Sicario 3otherwise known as Sicario: Capos. The 2015 film, written by Taylor Sheridan, focuses on FBI agent Kate Messer’s (Emily Blunt) sudden, violent and ongoing war against Mexican cartels, while its sequel, soldier’s day, explored the illegal transportation of criminals across the US border. Each movie generated strong box office numbers and positive reviews, however Sicario Gained further acclaim by receiving several Academy Award nominations. Producer Trent Luckinbill had previously confirmed this Sicario 3 was being developed, but updates are rare.

In a recent interview with PlaylistVilleneuve addressed whether he would return for it Sicario 3, He reveals that he doesn’t know much about the upcoming film. The director explained that he had not met with anyone about it, but appeared to support the production, especially if Sheridan was on board again. Read the related Villeneuve comments Sicario 3 below:

Listen, Taylor Sheridan is one of my favorite screenwriters. If Taylor is writing the screenplay, I’d be very excited to see it on screen, (but) I haven’t heard of (a new script or project). No one talked to me about it. I’m just hearing about it, I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but if Taylor Sheridan is writing it, it’s going to be fantastic.

Should Denis Villeneuve return for Sicario 3?

Alejandro wields a gun in Sicario

When it comes Sicario, Villeneuve’s direction drew particular praise, creating a tense and realistic depiction of the conflict surrounding the drug cartels, highlighted by a completely gripping shootout scene on the border between Mexico and the United States. After handling more expensive films, with a larger scale, incl Blade Runner 2049 And DuneIt will be interesting to see where Villeneuve goes next, but his latest comments about it Sicario 3 suggesting that he will not return to the franchise. It is worth mentioning that He has not directed soldier’s day either (Stefano Sollima was brought in instead).

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If Sheridan writes the script, given his involvement so far, it’s a wonder what kind of story the upcoming sequel will follow. From what has come out about Sicario 3 And its cast, Luckinbill and Molly Smith, aims to bring back stars Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro, along with Blunt, who, like Villeneuve, was absent from the second entry. His return would be positive, attracting audiences familiar with the series, or those who hold the first movie in high regard, and perhaps lead to more talk about Villeneuve as a director.

Although there is some uncertainty about the next Sicario The film, if the opportunity itself is present, Villeneuve’s direction will ensure that it is as exciting and high stakes as the original film. However, fans will be excited to know that he supports Sicario 3And can eagerly await any additional news regarding him or other possible behind-the-scenes talent.

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