Delete the “Disneyland” champions, says the League of Legends icon

are you new League of Legends Or season one veteran, you may know Dyrus. A former top laner for TSM turned Twitch streamer, he helped put North American LoL on the map, and established himself as one of the best players of all time. So, when he announced a surprise AMA on X (formerly Twitter), fans were quick to ask which champions he thought should be yeeted and fired.

After all, it’s no secret that he has his favorites. I remember the good ol’ days when Singed was actually a decent choice in League of Legends – that spam laugh still echoes in my head whenever I think of the champion. At least Mordekaiser and Jax are still pretty strong – especially the latter.

But, when it comes to lists of champions he likes to look away from MOBAs, there are a lot “If you could remove one champion from the game who would it be (not counting Yuumi)?” asks a fan, to which Dyrus replies “any of the characters that look like Disneyland except Zoe, Lilia, Yumi, Nico, Gwen.”

I’d say poor Yuumi for a double dunk there, but me indeed It doesn’t make sense. And, as a Scot, Lilia’s accent is the reason for my existence, so I’d be very happy to see her go too.

All jokes aside, though, this is an all-too-common criticism with the league’s latest champions. While Bel’veth and Nafiri were good attempts to fill the ‘monster champion’ void (pun intended) that we’ve seen since Pike’s release in 2018, I still don’t think Riot has managed to nail the darkness and inhumanity that is characters like Pike. . Or the Rek’Sai embodiment.

With bright, colorful skins like Star Guardian and a shift towards idol-style bands like K/DA and Heartsteel and the Rift definitely feels more “Disneyland” than dark and gritty.

Hopefully League of Legends Season 14 will see us return to a grungier LoL – those were the good old days, after all. But there’s a long list of things that have to make Riot worth it to really draw me back this season – Monster Champions is just the tip of the iceberg.

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