Deco would have taken revenge on Xavi!

Everything can explode at any moment in FC Barcelona. Third in the Liga standings, ten points behind Real Madrid and out of the Copa del Rey, the Blaugrana club is clearly playing out its season in the Champions League. But the current face displayed by Xavi’s team encourages pessimism more than anything else. Especially since the situation behind the scenes is very tense. So much so that failure in the C1 Round of 16 first leg against Napoli could lead to Xavi’s hasty departure. And for many, if the former midfielder finds himself in a very uncomfortable position today, it is partly because of his relationship with Deco.

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Since the Portuguese has been appointed to the post of Sporting Director, the subject has been quickly raised. and last night, El Chiringuito It is known that Xavi may indeed seek revenge from his former club partner. The Spanish broadcast came back in 2008, to illustrate this uneasiness between the two men. That year, Pep Guardiola took over at Barça where Deco played alongside Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto’o. Guardiola then approached his leaders and listed the transferable elements with these three names. Captains at the time, such as Carles Puyol and Xavi, went to Guardiola and told him that there was one who was 100% professional and who should be kept. This player was Eto’o. After becoming unwanted, Deco was transferred to Chelsea.

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FC Barcelona: Xavi could leave sooner than expected…

A complaint that dates back to 2008?

When he returned to Catalonia, did Deco seek revenge by “paying” Xavi? Media suggests that initially, the Portuguese met Xavi’s expectations. But everything fell apart when Xavi asked for recruitment. When Xavi asked for a top midfielder, Deco told him he was being held back by financial fair play. An apology accepted by Xavi, well aware of his favorite club’s complicated financial situation. The latter later included Barça signing Vitor Roque for €60 million, including bonuses. So Deco would have the money he needed to recruit one of his targets, but not the one his trainer wanted? Since then, everything has accelerated.

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Recently, the Portuguese signed a declaration that caused much debate in Catalonia. “We need profound change. The current method is obsolete. We need to hire someone who can break with the past and move towards a new paradigm.”. The intervention was interpreted as a violent act against his coach. El Chiringuito It is also confirmed that Xavi became aware of Deco’s statements in the middle of the post-match press conference, when reporters questioned him on the subject. Which no doubt explains the surprised response of the person concerned. “That’s not what he tells me. He believes in this model and the Barca DNA, plus he played here. I don’t know, I can’t say anything more.”. Xavi may have announced his departure at the end of the season, but it’s hard to see the two men living together peacefully between now and June.

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