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Last week, we mentioned the case of Rebel Wolves, a brand new studio created by veterans of CD Projekt and working on AAA RPG under Unreal Engine 5. The alleged title of the game. Today, Rebel Wolves decided to speak up, make Dawnwalker official and share a brand new image.

Dawnwalker has made it official with an interesting new image

It’s now official, Rebel Wolves is indeed working on Dawnwalker. Previously withheld information revealed that the studio is indeed working on a “new AAA dark fantasy narrative saga for PC and next-gen consoles” called Dawnwalker. It was also specified that the first game should be called Dawnwalker: Origins.

It remains to be seen if Rebel Wolves has made the Saga name official, or if the first game is simply called Dawnwalker. To announce the news, the studio referenced what appears to be an important element of the game: “the vine”.

We don’t normally comment on rumours.

However, as we hear something from the grapevine…

Yes, we are working on Dawnwalker!

Rebel Vows not only shared the name of the project, but also revealed an image, which you can appreciate above, that raises a lot of questions. Rather than being a reference to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Blood and Wine DLC, “the wine” should probably be the form the character seems to be escaping from.

The studio also specifies that the Dawnwalker logo is a “placeholder”, meaning it will evolve.

What do the Rebel Wolves want to do with Dawnwalker?

Officially, we know very little about Rebel Wolf’s first project. However, we do know that CD Project veterans want to “evolve the RPG genre by working in teams united by a common ambition, creating unforgettable stories and evoking deep emotions.”

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz also clarified in 2022 that this new studio should be “a place where experienced game developers can rekindle their passion, where they can focus on their work and pour their love into a wonderful and ambitious title”.

Thus, Rebel Wolves aims to “create memorable games, tell moving stories and evoke visceral emotions”, especially with this AAA RPG developed under Unreal Engine 5.

The game won’t be as “huge” as The Witcher, but will likely offer more quests, and be similar in scope to The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion.

It will be an offline single-player game, with no microtransactions, no platform-specific items or quests, and has just entered the alpha phase. In 2022, it was clarified that the Games were planned for 2025. Let’s hope this really interesting title is released this year!

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