Covid-19: A new trait detected with the JN.1 variant

The current wave of Covid-19 in France continues to decline.
However, a new symptom has been discovered by health professionals.
It will be specific to the strain currently in circulation, JN.1.

It’s been more than four years since Covid-19 began spreading around the world, but scientific research continues to learn more about the disease. and its variables. According to Public Health France, although viral circulation is declining in France, the dominant strain remains JN.1. It represents about 70% of cases according to the latest data as of early January 2024.

One more symptom, less case

It is precisely this type that will cause a very specific symptom. If the effects of Covid-19 are known (fever, cough, shortness of breath, headache, pain, fatigue, etc.), this stress can also cause diarrhea, report the media on the channel, which is based on the analysis of British Health. agency.

“Almost everyone has been infected or vaccinated, so the virus is under tremendous pressure to avoid immune responses”, a professor at the University of Exeter (United Kingdom), explains to the BBC’s David Strain. According to him, “The virus has evolved a lot, allowing it to infect different cells”. and therefore produce various effects.

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The fact is that at an epidemic level, there is no need to worry. According to data from Public Health France, there have never been so few SOS M├ędicins acts linked to Covid-19 since the beginning of winter. The number of emergency room visits for Covid-19 is also decreasing. About 1,755 people visited the country between January 8 and 15, up from 4,505 a week earlier.



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