Chivas: Chicharito Hernandez says yes to return to club

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez’s return to Chivas is nearing, according to reports Sergio DipThe ESPN reporter is very close to the forward.

In a SportCenter news clip, Dieppe announced that the former Manchester United, Real Madrid, West Ham, Bayer Leverkusen, Sevilla and LA Galaxy striker He gave a direct positive response to Amaury Vergaraclub president.

“After a great effort by the Chivas board, Javier Hernandez has said yes to Guadalajara. “El Chicharito has informed Amaury and company that he wants to return and, for now, the prodigal son’s return is imminent.”

Why would Chicharito agree to return to Chivas?

Adds a dip Two basic aspects Which dictates the striker’s possible return to the Guadalajara club: his transfer at the end of his contract with LA Galaxy will not cost a single peso, besides he is a footballer who He has always shown his affection for the clubSomething that runs “in the family”.

He pointed out that this is information that is being developed, since then Negotiations are ongoing at the time of writing.So there are many details to polish and the return of the player who moved to Manchester from the club in mid-2010 could be finalised.

He also asserted that he had a The Great “Thirst for Vengeance”So he wants to show at the age of 35 that he can offer a high level, despite the fact that he has recently suffered injuries that have prevented him from standing in MLS.

His aim, he added, is to share all the knowledge he has accumulated during ten years in Europe and nearly three years he played in MLS.

Who is Sergio Dip?

Sergio Diep, ESPN reporter, He has been very close to Chicharito Hernandez Thanks to his friendship with the interlocutor’s wife, Martha Tena.

The two have constantly come to each other’s defense and have even shared moments on social networks confirming their friendship.

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