Chapter 9 The Last of Us 2: Safes, Holsters, Cards, Artifacts… Where to get all collectibles

Chapter 9 of The Last of Us 2 gives the player something unexpected, with a vast area to explore from top to bottom. The latter includes numerous artifacts, an extra weapon, 3 chests to unlock, and dozens of collectibles that we’ll be happy to list for you in this new part of our walkthrough.

Training manual

The training manual is located east of the city center, near the fire truck. Once you reach it, pick up the pipe lying on the ground and swing it to the bottom. Then hang and swing to reach the opposite platform. Search the container to find the first guide for Ellie.

Journal Entries

Journal Entry #1

In the watchtower at the checkpoint near the courthouse, look to the horizon for this new journal entry.

Journal entry #2

After searching the office, in the room before leaving the synagogue, retrieving the artifact will directly validate the journal entry.


Artifact #1

Fuck Fedra In the cabin near the portal: open the drawer to retrieve the document found there.

Artifact #2

On the way to the bank, you will see a small ruined building, climb it and get a new document.

Artifact #3

Behind the bank, before going to the vault, a pocket containing a document is placed on the ground.

Artifact #4

Still in the bank vault, head to the back right to open the locker and retrieve the relic which is nothing more than a little nod to the adventures of Nathan Drake.

Artifact #5

Behind the bank you’ll find a ruined tank: drop down and look to the left for a new bag containing another document.

Artifact #6

Next to the court, you can see a wall with a WLF inscription: just climb the bottom steps and walk along the corridor to collect a new document.

Artifact #7

In the same area, climb up the gateway to the crossing point and take the document in the drawer of the watchtower. There is also a journal entry at this particular point. Heading right a little further, you’ll also come to a weapon upgrade workbench.

Artifacts #8 and #9

In the store next to the west door, break the window and go behind the store. Kill the infected in the toilet and go to the back of the room to get the dog key.

Artifact #10

In the middle of the map, just past the synagogue entrance, you can find the door where you just found the key. Open it and just look to your left to collect a new artifact. By exploring the building you will also retrieve holsters for long weapons and new throwing weapons.

Artifact #11

In the small lake in the center of the map, open the back of the truck and go inside to get another document.

Artifact #12

Go through the back entrance of the synagogue and take an immediate right, then climb the stairs. guess what Yes, there is a new document waiting for you.

Artifact #13

Once you finish the synagogue puzzles, enter the office before going out the window. You will also record a new entry in your journal at the same time.

Artifact #14

In the basement of the court, a new letter is placed near the corpse of a soldier, at the end of the corridor before taking the elevator.

Artifact #15

Still in the same corridor, break the window to your left, enter the office and find the drawer at the end of the room. This new document will give you the code for the chest next to it.

Artifact #16

In the hotel after passing through the Fak Phaedra portal, go to the room you come to after reaching the first floor. The map is in the TV cabinet.

Where to find all trading cards

Card number 1

You will see another ruined building near where you went to get the training manual. Climb up to the top to collect the first map of the area (you’ll have to break the window halfway up).

Card #2

Right in front of the building you can find Valiant Music Shop. Go inside, go behind the counter and collect the card inside the drawer.

Card #3

In a chest in West Gate 2, left of downtown Seattle. The safe code is 04-51.

Card #4

In the cafe, next to the west door, break the window to get in and for the music store, go behind the counter and take the card from the drawer.

Card #5

In the hotel after passing through the Fak Phaedra portal, go to the room you come to after reaching the first floor. The map is in the nightstand.

Where to find all the chests

Chest #1

Unlock it with the code 60-23-06 to gain access to the famous bank safe, a particularly devastating weapon, the shotgun.

Chest #2

On the left side of the map, going through the door to the west, you’ll come to a dead end. Turning around, you’ll come across a chest with a two-digit code. Enter 04-51 to access its contents, including collectible cards.

Chest #3

In the basement of the court, walk along the corridor until you come to the window leading to the office – go through it, go inside and go behind the office. Enter code 86-07-22 to retrieve its contents.

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