Chapter 8 The Last of Us 2: Artifacts, Maps, Journal Entries… Where to find all collectibles

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Ellie’s journey in The Last of Us 2 really begins now! As always, you’ll find all the information you need to discover this new chapter’s collection in this article, from journal entries to collectible cards, including countless artifacts distributed in nature.

Where to find all journal entries

The only journal entry in the chapter is on Detroit’s closed city gates. Ellie can then draw the WLF logo in her journal.

Where to find all the artifacts

Artifact #1

It is impossible to miss because it is necessary for the scenario to run smoothly. The Seattle map is on the last piece of furniture in the back of the first prefab you can insert.

Artifact #2

Once you get close to the Seattle Gate, search the pre-fabs to find new artifacts. One of them has different stages of evolution of the infected.

Artifact #3

Still in the prefab near the Seattle Gate, look in the office to find another letter lying on the desk.

Artifact #4

Once on the other side of the Seattle Wall, you must enter the Watchtower: climb the stairs to find another letter there, as well as another map.

Artifact #5

Break the window of the pre-fab near the code-locked door, then search the drawers to grab all the door codes. You can’t miss it, this paper is a must for the rest of the events.

Artifact #6

In relation to the generator, stand on the right side with the cable in hand, then swing it to the other side of the prefab. Go to the other side then climb the rope to collect the letter on the roof.

Where to find all trading cards

Card number 1

At the beginning of the chapter, during your horseback ride through the forest, you will eventually come to a bus shelter. The first card is hung

Card #2

Where you’ll find a map of Seattle in the prefab, you can find another chapter map hanging on a panel on the wall.

Card #3

While climbing the watchtower, when you are on the other side of the Seattle wall, a third map is placed on a table in the building.

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