CES 2024 – 10 innovations and trends to remember from the world’s biggest tech show

CES week ended in Las Vegas, and with it traveled kilometers of show aisles in search of the most incredible innovation. Without being outstanding, this 2024 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show was nevertheless rich in announcements and some innovations and trends emerged. Here’s what the editorial staff sent to the site took away from the world’s biggest tech show.

1 – Transparent screens

We already saw a lot of transparent screens at CES, but this year, it seems that the concept stage has passed as many major manufacturers have focused on it. This is especially the case for LG which seems ready to market its signature OLED T televisions that we were able to see at the show. Resembling a shelf or an aquarium, this OLED model offers an attractive integration that breaks the codes of the classic black screen in the middle of the living room. The design we have observed is not final and we do not know its release date or its price, but given the characteristics and originality of the product we should expect a (very) high price.

Signed Oled T.

Samsung also took advantage of CES to introduce its transparent micro-LED screen. The borderless panel isn’t for marketing, but it allows the South Korean manufacturer to use it as a technical showcase to promote micro-LED technology over transparent Oled or LCD.

2 – Pay attention to health

As always at CES, Withings takes the opportunity to unveil its new health products. This 2024 edition welcomed Beamo, a digital multiscope, which not only allows you to measure the temperature of the temporal artery, but also measures heart rate, blood oxygenation rate and establishes an electrocardiogram. To avoid spoiling anything, this tool can also work as a stethoscope.

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Withings Beamo.

Raphael faces the mirror for a thorough health check.

Raphael faces the mirror for a thorough health check.

3 – Cars under AI

At CES this year, automobiles also took pride of place. An opportunity for manufacturers to present their latest innovations. Among the main trends: IA, SDV and IVI; Acronyms that are a little rude but that say a lot about the future of the automobile.

In the spirit of the times, ubiquitous artificial intelligence. Manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have introduced models incorporating advanced versions of artificial intelligence. The aim is to assist the driver in their daily journey and learn from their habits to improve the driving experience.

At the Mercedes Benz stand.

At the Mercedes Benz stand.

Another trend, the ever-increasing SDV. Like any high-tech device (smartphone, TV, console), software defined vehicle optimizes your car and updates, for example, performance, autonomy or connectivity.

The latest trend: IVI, for in-vehicle infotainment. Automobiles focus more on infotainment and less as a simple mode of transportation. No GamingA large screen, refined driving station to prioritize leisure and comfort.

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4 – AI and connectivity: a dream in the kitchen?

Home and especially home appliances were well represented at the Las Vegas show. At Samsung, we were able to see how AI would make home use easier. Thanks to connectivity, all kitchen appliances will be able to communicate with each other for end-to-end support, from grocery shopping to preparation/cooking.

The kitchen of the future according to Samsung.

The kitchen of the future according to Samsung.

At Hisense, the kitchen of the future is still a concept based on communication between various connected kitchen appliances and AI. The Chinese manufacturer envisions a kitchen in which AI will be able to adapt dishes to the user’s preferences, as well as suggest food swaps with others and anticipate needs by placing shopping orders, for example. The entire program…

5 – Robot vacuum cleaners packed with technology

Robot vacuum cleaners have invaded the living room aisle. Roborock took the opportunity to announce significant developments on its Q Revo and S8 MaxV Ultra series (draining stations capable of heating water up to 60 degrees Celsius to wash mops more efficiently and which, moreover, can be directly connected to water). Deporting mops or brushes to clean along the walls. Dream also took advantage of the show to present its new docking station that is capable of drying skates with hot air for more effortless cleaning.

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra.


6 – Smartphones: the new folding screen?

Samsung Display showed off a whole new generation of folding screens called Flex In & Out. Designed to fold 360° (inwards and outwards), this panel should allow upcoming flip terminals to benefit or beautify screens on both sides, without an external screen.

The future of folding screens in Samsung.

The future of folding screens in Samsung.

Other demonstrations of enlarged screens were made. We were able to specifically see the Flex Hybrid (which can be heard on the sides), as well as the Flex Note (which folds in all directions), which “Combine the functionality of foldable and unrollable technologies”. If commercialization of these screens is not on the agenda, these innovations allow us to get an idea of ​​what the future of the mobile industry might look like.

7 – IT

Computing is not immune to the current AI trend, especially under the leadership of Microsoft and Intel, which intend to push PCs towards AI PCs. All laptop manufacturers have also adopted Intel Matter Lake processors equipped with NPU (Neural Processing Unit) facilitating AI-related functions. On this topic, we will especially remember Nvidia’s ACE which allows non-player characters in video games to interact with the player (you) and which should be integrated into future video games.

Nvidia Ace.

On the hardware side, Samsung has made 4K OLED panels available to manufacturers with a refresh rate of 240 Hz. So we’re seeing this technology on all high-end 16 and 18 inch gaming laptops, allowing it to benefit from an almost infinite contrast ratio. And especially low response time.

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Note that some manufacturers are timidly trying their hand at ecology as it will be seen Greenwashing. Acer, currently the most outspoken manufacturer on this theme, has announced the Vero 16 laptop PC whose chassis is made of 60% recycled plastic and which uses no chemical treatments, dyes or solvents. The brand is also working on end-of-life products, but the task promises to be difficult and not just involving laptop manufacturers.

8 – Home security: Towards new uses without smartphones

Connected security is having a hard time taking off in France, but new technology presented at the show may help it grow. At Philips, it will soon be possible to open your door by passing your hand in front of a palm reader (which analyzes the venous path of the palm). The on-site tests were amazing. At Lockly, the connected lock specialist in the United States, connected locks are unlocked using binocular facial recognition.

These innovations, which, let us point out, are not planned for the European market, bypass the use of smartphones and this can reassure many potential users who are more confident in the face of these new means of discovery.

9 – WTF products, again and again

Without going as far as the connected potato that made headlines during CES 2020, some innovations have generated quite a bit of buzz. We’re specifically thinking about Clicks Creator Keyboard, which is nothing but a physical keyboard compatible with iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro that allows you to save more space on the screen by removing the virtual keyboard from the screen.

Another fascinating object, the Rabbit R1, a small autonomous device powered by artificial intelligence that will be able to navigate its user’s applications (Uber, ordering pizza, playing music or sending a message) by understanding the intent of a verbal request. .

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If we had to name one last product that’s off the beaten track, let’s mention Handy: a new type of male masturbation device that can be synchronized with the movie you’re watching so that the actors’ movements are synchronized with the speed of the sex masturbation. The toy Handy can also be synchronized with a VR headset for complete immersion!

Handy male masturbator.

Handy male masturbator.

10 – The Sphere: The real star of CES!

Without a doubt, the sphere stole the show at CES! This 112 meter high concert hall lives up to the splendor of Las Vegas. This 54,000 m² LED panel is made up of 1.2 million LEDs and boasts the highest screen definition in the world. Inside, there are exhibition spaces, a few hotel rooms but above all its cinema room with 18,000 seats and a total definition of 16K with a round screen that surprised us. 4D effects and haptic feedback in the seats ensure complete immersion. Day, night, near or far, from the convention center (where CES takes place), the eyes of the global tech landscape were fixed on this madness, which cost a paltry $2.3 billion.

Sphere, at night.

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