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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could star in a soft ‘reality show’

His contract with Netflix would include this reality show in which part of his charity work and his life in California would be shown. Meghan...

Gigi Hadid gave birth at her home in Pennsylvania

The model preferred to have her baby on her farm, for fear of catching Covid-19. According to the New York Post, Gigi Hadid gave birth...

“Black Widow” will premiere until May 2021

The release date for the new theatrical version of "West Side Story" is also postponed to December 2021. Walt Disney Co has postponed the release...

Jennifer Aniston Considered Leaving Hollywood Before ‘The Morning Show’

The actress was disappointed after taking part in a "horrible unprepared project." Jennifer Aniston seriously considered retiring from Hollywood before hitting the television hit "The...

Meghan Markle calls her neighbors in California

The Duchess of Sussex has called her neighbors by phone so that they do not stop voting in the next elections. Meghan Markle has called...