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Kalimba assures that Aislinn Derbez is one of the great loves of his life

The singer says that "I wrote the album 'NegroKlaro' for her, and she knows it" ... Kalimba revealed that his relationship with Aislinn Derbez has...

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could star in a soft ‘reality show’

His contract with Netflix would include this reality show in which part of his charity work and his life in California would be shown. Meghan...

Irina Shayk shows a lot of skin on the top that reveals the cleavage

Irina Shayk is giving a private fashion show to her Instagram followers, with the model posting a racy image that is getting viral attention. The...

Penelope Cruz reveals the vice she suffered during her youth

The actress for a time indulged in a vice that could have seriously affected her health, which she stopped before becoming a mother. Penelope Cruz...

Naya Rivera’s sister moves into Ryan Dorsey’s apartment

The younger sister of the late actress moved in with her ex-husband to help him care for the five-year-old. Nickayla Rivera, Naya Rivera's sister, moved...