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Gwyneth Paltrow improved her relationship with Chris Martin by divorcing him

The actress insists that the relationship between the two could not be the best as the parents of her two children. Gwyneth Paltrow's relationship with...

Jennifer Aniston Considered Leaving Hollywood Before ‘The Morning Show’

The actress was disappointed after taking part in a "horrible unprepared project." Jennifer Aniston seriously considered retiring from Hollywood before hitting the television hit "The...

Consuelo Duval shares the happy news that Covid-19 defeated

The actress and host published several photos on her Instagram profile to celebrate having overcome the disease. Consuelo Duval announced that she is now free...

Disney and Marvel want Keanu Reeves to play superhero

Reeves would play the main character in the fiction "Moon Knightque", which will be released on his Disney + service. The Disney and Marvel studios...

Mandy Moore dislikes coffee during pregnancy

She is devastated that her body dislikes coffee right now, being a huge fan of a good shot of caffeine. Mandy Moore, who is pregnant...