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Robbie Williams is dyslexic when it comes to numbers

The singer has explained that he will have to tattoo important information on his body, such as birthday dates because he does not remember...

Kylie Jenner hates people touching her luxury cars!

Kylie Jenner hates people touching her luxury cars. The pretty brunette makes it a point of honor that no one comes close. At only 22 years...

“Black Widow” will premiere until May 2021

The release date for the new theatrical version of "West Side Story" is also postponed to December 2021. Walt Disney Co has postponed the release...

Actor Jerry Harris is charged with assault on a minor

The star of the Netflix show 'Cheer', harassed a child under 13 years with whom he exchanged intimate images. Jerry Harris, star of the Netflix...

Britney Spears does bikini yoga on the beach

The singer posted a series of images of herself on the beach doing yoga, writing a strange message. Britney Spears posted a cheerful new photo...