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Taylor Swift Sends Gifts To Baby From Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik

In an Instagram story, the model showed her baby's hand and the gift that “Aunt @taylorswift” sent to her baby. Gigi Hadid's closest friends are...

Meghan Markle calls her neighbors in California

The Duchess of Sussex has called her neighbors by phone so that they do not stop voting in the next elections. Meghan Markle has called...

Ellen DeGeneres is back “starting a new chapter”

After complaints about a toxic environment behind the scenes, the presenter apologizes and promises a new beginning. Ellen DeGeneres is "starting a new chapter" with...

Patricia Manterola has spoken for the first time after the death of Xavier Ortiz

The singer and Ortiz, Garibaldi's former partners, had a 10-year long romance and a marriage of five. Patricia Manterola speaks for the first time about...

Miley Cyrus could release Heart of Glass

Miley Cyrus presented her version of Heart of Glass at the iHeartRadio Concert.  A few weeks ago, Miley Cyrus gave an exceptional virtual concert for...