Bukele Mille: “The system will try to block it”

Buquel, a presidential candidate and at the same time a licensed president from El Salvador, detailed a conversation with the new Argentine president.

Deputy BukeleAs a presidential re-election candidate of the ruling Nuevas Ideas party, and at the same time a president with a license despite the fact that all this is against the constitution, a digital “space” was held on Wednesday night, where he shared his. Perspectives on various topics related to Latin America and its politics in El Salvador.

More than 18,000 listeners participated in the space on Social Network X; One of them, known as Carolina, asked him what he thought of the new one The President of Argentina, Javier Millewho assumed office on 10 December under the La Libertad Avanza party.

“I spoke to President Javier Milli when he was elected, I spoke to him to congratulate him. For congratulations that usually last two or three minutes, we spoke on the phone for more than half an hour. He told me Gave a very elaborate explanation. of the problems he faced.”Buchel explained that link to the Argentine president.

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The Salvadoran politician said in a conversation with Miley, “I told him privately and now I say publicly, he has a very, very big and very difficult challenge.”

Regarding the South American country’s difficult economic situation facing hyper-inflation, Buchel commented that “the biggest challenge that (Milei) has is the level of economic problems that Argentina is facing. Immense, lack of foreign currency, a kind of time bomb”.

And then he compared the panorama facing Milley to the one Bueckel himself faced when he assumed the presidency in 2019: “The other problem is that he will soon realize, as it happened to us in El Salvador, regardless of his policies, because in some I may agree and in others I may not; (he) will face a system that not agree. him.”

Miley faces major economic challenges in Argentina. / Photo EDH Archive

“So he can be the president, the most important person politically speaking; but there will be a Congress, a judiciary, a constitutional court, I don’t know what the constitutional court is called there, and that’s it. Political realities have to be faced. . like we faced in the first two years of our government, where we wanted to do A but the system forced us to do B, or returned us to B.”Salvadoran candidate described.

However, Bukele, during his administration, came to control three organs of state. As his New Ideas Party had a majority in the legislature, the first action, on May 1, 2021, was to dismiss the then Attorney General and Supreme Court, Constitutional Chamber judges to appoint other relevant officials of his choice. .

Buckel explained to Miley “I told him that I wish him luck, that I wish him the best, that I hope he can overcome the obstacles, both those of reality and those of the system, that try to block him. “The system won’t let him run the changes he wants to run.”

He also gave such a warning “In an economy as fragile and large as Argentina’s, a bad decision can be very costly”So the Albiceleste president must be ready “Face the costs“Of the decisions he makes,” said the Salvadoran politician.

The re-election Bukele is seeking is against at least six articles of the constitutionBut this topic was not addressed in this digital space on social network X.

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