Blizzard Unveils Year of Pegasus Core Set – Hearthstone

With the Year of Pegasus, a new core set will replace the set currently used in Standard. We find there particularly old symbolic cards, some of which are newly inspired Warcraft Rumble, the official introduction of the elusive keyword, as well as many other changes. Find all the details below!

Every year, a basic set of Hearthstone Updated and available for free to all players. This very special year marks 10 years of the game, with a base set celebrating the history of both. Hearthstone, but its future, with the return of famous cards and the arrival of new friendly faces! The set will arrive early in the year of Pegasus, but is one of the many surprises we have in store for you throughout the year. This article focuses on the changes in the main set, but you can read more about the New Year and birthday celebrations Hearthstone In our article dedicated to the year of Pegasus.

Returning iconic cards

Let’s be the first to rush into the new year! Along with this base set, some of your old favorite cards make a big return to Standard, such as:

New friendly faces

Four cards inspired by Warcraft Rumble Also come into the game and join the party through the core set’s main gate:

New keyword: Elusive

After years of hunting, we finally managed to catch our most elusive keyword: Elusive! Minions with the elusive keyword cannot be targeted by spells or heroic powers. Several minions will be updated to benefit from this keyword, including the one you picked up in December, and so returns to the core set: the elusive Wyrm! We also plan to use this effect more often in the coming year.

Fundamental card rework

A free basic set that serves as the basis for extensions Hearthstone Throughout the year, its rotation is the perfect time to make a few changes so that it fits perfectly with what the year of Pegasus has in store for us. Our goal is not only to decide which cards we keep, remove or add to the set, but also to make some necessary changes to the selected cards.

This year, we think it’s time to slow down the Druid mana accumulation mechanics somewhat, reduce the number of runes required for many Death Knight cards, but also modernize some of our old favorites. You can see a list of all upcoming changes by following these links:

That’s all there is to it as far as the basic set is concerned. You’ll soon find new cards from the next expansion. Don’t forget to check out our article dedicated to the New Year to know all about the festivities on the horizon!

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