Biden on a tightrope because of his “bad memory.”

AGM: Jacobo: In this “hand in hand” we have a sensitive analysis of President Joe Biden’s possible – and rare – chances of re-election while being showered with accusations that he is already too old, at 81, to be back in the White House. to hold office, that he lacks his memory and has mental retardation. What do you think, what do you think?
AGM: And it all started when the special prosecutor, Robert Hare, a Korean-American, after a long investigation, ruled that Biden should not be charged with taking classified documents when he was vice president with Barack Obama (for his memoirs). And now he’s a charming old man with “memory problems” who can’t remember when he was vice president (2009-1013) or when his son, Beau Biden, died (in 2015).
AGM: This damning report from the special prosecutor (which didn’t need to touch on Biden’s health issues) was well received by Republicans who immediately called for Biden to be disqualified from that position.

JG: This event certainly came as an early Christmas present for Republicans. There is no doubt that at times Biden has stumbled in what he says, but let’s remember that Donald Trump comes out with false and inappropriate information and no one holds him against it. But the perception of his so-called extreme age has come before the American public immediately after Prosecutor Hurr’s report. And of course the Republicans are using all possible means to continue to convince the public that they should not elect Biden. I don’t think they can disable him just like that, but Donald Trump’s followers love to hear that they are trying to eliminate Biden from now on.

AGM: On the same day as Hur’s report, Biden – very angry – unexpectedly called an impromptu press conference at the White House to defend himself and insist that his memory was correct, but that he made several mistakes, as did Egyptian President Abdel Fattah. Referring to al. -Sisi as president of Mexico (when it is Andrés Manuel López Obrador) and in recent weeks, Biden has confused François Mitterrand (who died in 1996) with current French president Emmanuel Macron. And before long, he confused Helmut Kohl (who left power in Germany in 1998 and died in 2017) with Angela Merkel.

Special prosecutor Robert Hare highlighted Biden’s memory problems. (Photo BBC-Getty Images).

AGM: Biden’s mistakes and confusions are overwhelming and we have to wonder what their political consequences will be. It is too late for Democrats to look for another candidate. His potential opponent, former president, Republican Donald Trump, also has a failing memory at age 77, but less so. And problems of its own, with four pending trials.

Uncle Sam before the psychiatrist and before suspicion, again, of Biden or Trump. (Cartoon by Ramirez-Las Vegas Review-Journal).

JG: There is no doubt that Biden’s reaction after hearing the report about his son’s death was particularly painful and drove him mad. Of course he was angry and angry and made the mistake of confusing the Egyptian leader with the Mexican president. However, Donald Trump is constantly confusing or inventing things. He throws unsubstantiated figures and topics on the air almost daily without Democrats asking that they be removed because of Trumpian differences.

AGM: I would like to mention that the President’s wife, Jill Biden, in addition to being the first lady of the nation, is almost the President’s “manager” to protect him from “evil reporters.” And it is he who ends the press conference when “enough is enough” and tries to avoid an awkward encounter when he disembarks from a helicopter in the gardens of the White House and the press is bombarded with questions shouted at him by reporters.

The Biden-Trump debate could be repeated. This photo is from the last debate in Nashville, 2020. (Photo Michael Reynolds-EFE).

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