Best Sex Scenes in Movies 2023

At a time when the Sex scenes The fantasy of streaming services increases, while cinema suffers from more candid, brave and realistic moments between its characters, starring the year 2023. Some actors who decided to give their all in the interpretation of their characters.

Trisom has the following characteristics: complete nudity, relationships of dominance and submission, visibility of sex with menstruation, and complete freedom. 12 Films That Amazed With Their High-Voltage Sequences This Year Led by actors such as Jennifer Lawrence, Franz Rogowski, Adele Exarchopoulos, Alexander Skarsgård, Emma Stone and Léa Seydoux.

‘Without a bad role’

Jennifer Lawrence Throughout his career, he has shown unparalleled courage in interpreting the most extreme and perverted roles, as was once again the case at the premiere of the comedy. Without bad rolls. In the role of Maddie, who accepts a date with a young introvert to avoid losing her home, the Oscar-winning actress ends up How God brought her into the world in a beach scene in which she faced a beating.

Jennifer Lawrence in 'No Bad Roles'.


He A portrait of bisexuality And the most complex fear for humans comes from Ira Sachs’ new film, where Ben Whishaw, Franz Rogowski, Adele Exarchopoulos and Irvan Fell give us fiery sequences between them. The bedroom scene between them, played by the couple, is particularly noteworthy Tomas (Rogowski) and Martin (Whishaw), who display their passion in bed.

Sex scenes of 'Passage'
Sex scenes of ‘Passage’

‘The film has a happy ending’

The film came to Netflix this year from the Netherlands The film has a happy ending, Directed by Jusje Duke, J Climaxes with a final trio between its heroes. The couple, Luna (Gait Jansen) and Mink (Martijn Leckmeier), trying to overcome the ravages of time and the monotony of their relationship, explodes when he discovers that she has always faked her orgasms.

Sex scene from 'Happy Ending'
Sex scene from ‘Happy Ending’

‘Infinity Pool’

Without fearing what they might say. Nudity has been a constant throughout her film and television career Alexander Skarsgård and Mia Goth. We’ve already seen the Swede star in iconic memes like his true bloodWhile the North American acted in films like Strong Erotic Charge Nymphomaniac. Thus, Brandon Cronenberg’s new and delirious horror title arrives It culminates with a final orgy by the made-up couple of James and Em FosterOn their vacation on the fictional island of La Tolca.

'Infinity Pool' sex scene
‘Infinity Pool’ sex scene

‘Beau is scared’

While Beau (Joaquin Phoenix) seemed unable to impress us much with his rendition of No Onerism. A huge feisty penisArie Astor’s film (Hereditary) presented The protagonist’s tender and strange loss of virginity. A moment with a song Always be my baby, By Mariah Carey, where she saved herself from death by reaching orgasm. His great fear. Not so lucky was his bed partner and platonic love, Mona (Patti LuPone), who was literally frozen to death by the climax.

'Beau is scared'
‘Beau is scared’


Despite the lack of chemistry between them Cillian Murphy And Florence Pugh’s sex scenes in Christopher Nolan’s film offended many viewers, it’s also true that we got the title. One of the greatest memes of the year. “My dad when I’m inviting friends over” or “I’m trying to decide what horror movie to watch next at 3am and disappointing my family” are some of the texts accompanying the scantily clad Murphy on social media. And the seated hundred Fr.

Sex scenes from 'Oppenheimer'
Sex scenes from ‘Oppenheimer’



Erotic letters, oral sex and back tripsA film headed by Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby It shows us the most erotic side of the historical figure of Napoleon Bonaparte and his first wife, Empress Josephine. As hilarious as a film with a sequence in which the protagonist goes under the table and sounds the characteristic sound of a pig until he reaches his beloved’s feet and pulls her under the tablecloth to have physical intercourse before the astonished eyes of his workers.

Vanessa Kirby Defends 'Napoleon' Sex Scenes

‘rotting in the sun’

Among the most controversial titles of 2023 we find the film directed by Sebastian Silva, classified as The one with the most dangling penis on screen. This homosexual tragicomedy follows Jordan Firstman’s trip to a strange beach, where a disappearance plunges him into a quasi-espionage mission. Rot in the sun He left very little to the imagination through his limbsDividing the masses and also gaining recognition in the Independent Spirit Awards.

'rotting in the sun'
‘rotting in the sun’


coming Margaret Qualley and Christopher AbbottTwo actors who have been winning us over the years in the jobs they appeared in, their roles Dominatrix and her slave Could not disappoint. Directed by Zachary Vigon, the title was also noted as “the craziest episode of Succession“, represented by scenes of sex with knives and numerous insults, such as one in which Hal is forced to clean Rebecca’s bathroom and allows her to masturbate in between..

'The Temple' ('Sanctuary')
‘The Temple’ (‘Sanctuary’)


Labeled as “shocking” and “graphic,” Emerald Fennell’s new film (a promising young woman) Starring Barry Keoghan, Jacob Allordi, Rosamund Pike and Alison Oliver, it has some sex scenes that have recently caught people’s attention. Among the most admired we find one in whom Venetia’s (Alison Oliver) character has an affair with Oliver (Keoghan) during her period.. A scene that makes visible subjects that are still taboo.


‘Poor Lives’

Emma Stone He is in the most extreme role of his career in Yorgos Lanthimos’ new film. Masturbating at the dining room table, hot sex scenes with Mark Ruffalo, or countless flings with lovers.a lot Man and Woman, the joy of a film that promises a real boom in the awards season and in Spain we have to wait until February.

Sex scene from 'Poor Creatures'
Sex scene from ‘Poor Creatures’

A nice morning

In the middle of Sandra’s life drama (Lee Seydoux), who suffers from a neurodegenerative disease, begins an affair with his former friend Clement (Melville Popaud), offers some of the most passionate sequences in current cinema. from The intimacy of the hero’s home, Mia Hansen-Lowe’s film delighted the most jaded of viewers.

Sex scene from 'A Beautiful Morning'
Sex scene from ‘A Beautiful Morning’

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