Bella Ramsay Had To Sneaky Swap Numbers With Kaitlyn Dever So People Don’t Know She’s Talking For The Last Of Us

We may not have an official release date for The Last of Us Season 2 yet;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas » class= »link « >The last of us Season 2 — Like many productions, filming was delayed due to the 2023 WGA strike and the SAG-AFTRA strike — but we have new casting information, with series star Bella Ramsay giving her reaction to this season’s latest cast additions, specifically Caitlin Dever. Indeed, in an interview, the young actor revealed an amusing story of his encounter with her Smart book actress, and why they had to keep it a secret.

Ramsay – who plays strong-willed teenager Ellie in HBO’s adaptation of the beloved video game franchise Pierre PascalJoel, a die-hard survivor, recently revealed in an interview with GamesRadar+ how he first met Caitlin Dever. The actress is taking on the highly-anticipated role of Abby in the drama’s second season, and the Ellie actress had this to say about how they met:

I met Caitlin once at a stupid place (a) party… I met Caitlin there very briefly while we were waiting for our car. I knew they were talking to him about casting at the time, so it was just like “hey” and they were sharing numbers and stuff.

Apparently, the two had to keep their interactions low-key. At the time, Caitlin Dever had not yet been officially cast as Abby. It seems the last thing Ramsay wanted to do was accidentally spill the beans. So they quietly exchanged numbers. However, now they can congratulate each other as much as they want!

Described as “a skilled soldier whose black-and-white worldview is challenged as she seeks revenge on those she once loved”, Devers’ Abby is meant to have an adversarial relationship with Ramsey’s Ellie, who, fortunately, , could not play between the two. Actors in real life.

Instead, Ramsey revealed that working with Dever – an actress who was chosen by fans to play Ellie in the post-apocalyptic drama, although the producers reportedly wanted a younger actor. The Hollywood Reporter– An “excellent” experience was:

She is excellent, Isabelle and young too, I can’t wait to start with them all.

The 20-year-old star also praised his other new castmate, Isabelle Merced, who previously starred alongside Dever in the 2022 film. Rosaline and will play Dinah, Eli’s love interest for season 2, who HBO calls “a free spirit whose devotion to Eli will be tested by the brutality of the world they inhabit.” Showed some love for them too Beef Former young Mazino, who will play Jesse, “a pillar of his community who puts everyone’s needs before his own, sometimes at a terrible cost.”

For new additions in The last of us On casting, Ramsay said he was “incredibly happy” to have a “whole new group of people coming to join the family”. However, they also previously told Comicbook.com Last of the podspodcast that they didn’t want to go into filming season 2 “comparing it to the experience of the first season”:

I’m really excited. It still feels surreal to me that it’s happening again. But… I don’t want to go into detail comparing it to the first season experience… Season 1 of The Last of Us was like the best year of my life and it won’t be the same. So I have to go into it like, “It’s season 2 and I loved season 1, but this is going to be different.” » I want to come back to Canada with Craig Mazin and Pedro (Pascal) for a while. It’s going to be really cool. I’m really excited.

Given how well-received Season 1 of the HBO drama was — it won eight Primetime Emmy Awards out of 24 nominations — and how excited fans are to see Caitlin Dever The last of us Universe, we don’t think Bella has anything to worry about, especially now that they don’t have to keep the fact that they know each other.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated on everything related to the 2024 TV schedule and when you can see Ellie and Abby face off on screen. The last of us Season 2. In the meantime, you can follow the series through the Max subscription.

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