Before joining The Last of Us as Abby, Caitlin Dever “fell in love” with the franchise years ago while playing the game with her dad.

Caitlin Dever has been cast as Abby in season 2 of ‘The Last of Us’ TV show. Every fan already knows that. However, they may not be aware of one key fact. The actress who plays Abby in the series has a strong connection to Naughty Dog and its iconic post-apocalyptic video game franchise.

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The Last of Us Season 2 will bring back all the main cast including Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay. Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin will continue as showrunners. The first season focuses heavily on the events of the first PlayStation installment in 2013. Season 2 will be inspired by the 2020 sequel TLOU Part II. Later also introduced the character of AB. After a long wait, its live-action version has also found an actress in Caitlin Dever.

Caitlin Dever has been an avid gamer of ‘The Last of Us’ series


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The actress appeared in an interview back in 2020 after her stellar performance in the Netflix miniseries Unbelievable. It was then that she spilled the beans on her secret passion for video games, particularly ‘The Last of Us’.

While speaking with The Collider’s Perry Nemiroff, Caitlin Dever revealed how much of a fan she is of the PlayStation series. When fans were told about her being cast as Ellie in a future live-action adaptation, she said that she “A huge fan of the game, and I don’t know if many people know it but I’m saying it now. I am a huge fan of that video game

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It is a beautiful story. It’s just an amazing story and I fell in love with the game when it came out“, Caitlin Dever said while praising The Last of Us. Continuing on, she added that she had already played the 2013 debut of Naughty Dog. “I played it with my dad and we had the best time

On a side note, she mentioned being a bit inaccurate when aiming her shots in combat sequences. “I’m not very good at it. My intention is really bad” However, she said she is trying to improve and catch up.Better to play


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Touching on her previous experiences with Naughty Dog and Neil Druckman (creator of The Last of Us games), Kaitlyn revealed that she was part of 2016’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. She did voice and motion capture work for Casey Drake (daughter of protagonist Nathan Drake).

Surprisingly, though, when Caitlin was asked about Joel’s fan casting for the live-action version, she mentioned Hugh Jackman. It was simply due to the fact that his name was trending for the role at the time. “I’ve seen fans of Hugh Jackman as Joel. I like it“, said the actress while expressing her thoughts.


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Fast forward to 2024, the TV show has found its Joel in Pedro Pascal. With the inclusion of Caitlin as Abby, it will be interesting to see their expected face-off in Season 2 – for obvious reasons.

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