Be careful, this fake version of GTA 6 steals your passwords

Malware lurks in the fake version of GTA 6. A type of Trojan, this virus is prevalent on macOS and aims to steal your passwords.

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games. Malicious people are using this craze to distribute malware hidden in the pirated version of the game. Named PSW, this virus targets macOS users and aims to steal personal and sensitive data.

Presented in the form of a fake DMG file masquerading as a GTA 6 installer, the malware tricks the user into bypassing macOS Gatekeeper protection and making them believe it is a necessary step to install the game. When the file is installed, it launches a lot. Scripts that will record your information. It first attacks your passwords by simulating a fake app installation to trick you into entering your system password, giving it access to your passwords listed in your Mac’s keychain. Then, the virus will find your sensitive data like cookies, form history, login credentials and cryptocurrency wallets. but also your IP address and installed software. This data is then sent to servers owned by hackers that are used to steal your identity, access your online accounts, and steal your personal and financial information.

So it’s worth remembering that GTA 6 hasn’t been officially released yet and any file that presents itself as a game is definitely a virus.

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