Awarded at the Game Awards, this high-quality RPG will still provide content in the near future

Game news Awarded at the Game Awards, this high-quality RPG will still provide content in the near future


Many developers admit that creating a role-playing game is often a bad idea for a small team. Between the universe, the fact that the original mechanics are imagined, and the means used to stand out from the crowd, the stakes abound. But when your name is Sabotage Studio, Quebecois is not.

Sabotage Studios: From Messenger to the Stars

You may already know Sabotage Studios, located in Quebec, not far from the mouth of the St. Lawrence. We owe it to the excellent The Messenger, an action platform game “Old Fashioned”, was very well received by critics and players In 2018. In 2020, based on its success, Sabotage began producing a new game. To ensure his back, the studio set up a crowdfunding campaign and Just over a million euros (1.6 million Canadian dollars).

However, Sabotage intends to go in a very different direction than the one chosen for The Messenger. If it’s always a question of paying tribute to big pixels, It’s towards RPG Chrono Trigger and the Super Mario RPG genre that the team leans towards. Slightly delayed, Sea of ​​Stars finally arrives on August 29, 2023, not without giving players a preview via a demo.

Softly, expectations are rising among players nostalgic for the formula and, unsurprisingly, it’s a hit. Available in Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, Sea of ​​Stars attracts more than four million players In less than four months. Sabotage planned to sell 250,000 copies in the first year, a goal that was largely achieved. The success didn’t stop there, as Sea of ​​Stars was achieved Best Independent Game Award at The Game Awards and Golden Joystick Awards. Most recently, the studio announced that the promised physical editions were coming, and they are. you can Pre-order A copy on Just Four Games as well as Iam8bit, which has a special edition.

Awarded at the Game Awards, this high-quality RPG will still provide content in the near future

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DLC, new project… Sea of ​​Stars creators take stock

In any case, the adventure does not end now as we have known for a long time By extension, has been named Throws of the watchmaker, was under development. Well know that the development is progressing very well. On January 12, Sabotage published a post on X (ext-Twitter) in which we learned that the extension is out of pre-production. You have to be patient, but it is progressing!

Last November, the team gathered for the Sabobo Summit where the Sea of ​​Stars DLC was released, as well as the vision for “Game 3”. Work is well underway with the mysterious and wacky DLC officially out of pre-production! A malicious spectacle awaits you…

You read that right. Sabotage isn’t just working on the Sea of ​​Stars DLC, Also on the third title. There is no information about it at the moment, but given the two productions that have been released, the anticipation surrounding this new game is likely to be high. In the comments, a player complaining about the DLC’s presence was quickly echoed by others, who recalled that The game is complete, that it also has a post-game, and that the upcoming content is closer to “old fashioned” expansions than content that was removed from the game or ended shortly after. As a reminder, Sea of ​​Stars allows us to follow the adventures of the solstice warriors Valere and Zale.

Their goal? Destroy the last host of evil, whose existence threatens the world. Obviously, not everything goes as planned and our heroes go on an exciting adventure, served up by extremely successful pixel art. Eric W. Directed by Brown with his beloved characters and his original soundtrack Partially composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, known for composing the soundtracks for Chrono Trigger and Xenogears. Enough to attract people, who responded overwhelmingly and are now waiting for more content.

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