April Fool’s Day: Psychiatrist Prescription to Treat Depression

France makes a point of respecting the tradition of the Blue Cross april fool. Again this year, we joked a little in our information. You may have heard on the air or read on the Internet that Social Security will now reimburse Stays in Krus to treat depression. It was a hoax of course. We let you rediscover it in this article.

An experiment has just been started by a doctor in Paris. He suggests staying in the crus on prescription for his patients suffering from professional burnout or depression. This psychiatrist believes so Cruise nature is more beneficial than worrying.

is the goalSend patients to rural areas to rest for a few weeks, instead of spending a fortune on drugs. Dr. Bruno Canla explains the genesis of the project: “It started with a simple observation: France is the world champion in prescribing antidepressants and anxiolytics. However, they are expensive and not without adverse effects. It’s a vicious circle, once you start it’s hard to do without.”

“Return to this source of life which is nature”

Then he got the idea of ​​staying here Allow patients to take deep breaths of air : “The idea is that people disconnect to return to this source of life in nature. It’s like a therapy, not thermal but sectional.” The therapeutic effects are undeniable According to him, “This helps repair the connections in the brain, putting everything back in the right direction.”

for now, Five patients were sent on a cruise. This test is rather conclusive, as they have reduced their dosage of drugs or succeeded in weaning them completely. Among them, Marie-Chantal, a 68-year-old Parisian who has suffered from depression for thirty years. When her psychiatrist suggested staying at Cruce, she was initially surprised: “I didn’t believe it at all, I was very surprised, I didn’t know Cruz.”

“I think I’m cured.”

Three weeks later Meditation and hiking by a lake In Châtels-le-Marchix, she leaves mesmerized: “When we arrived from Paris it was very funny at first, because there was no sound except the birds and the little whispering stream, but I got used to it.” Thanks for your investment, She significantly reduced her anxietys**t “I think I’m on the mend, but I’ll need to get back to Kruse regularly. It’s great, I recommend it to everyone!”

Psychiatrist Bruno Canella explains, “It’s not a vacation. It’s care.” He fought to get the necessary authorizations : “We had to have a lot of meetings, explain things… I contacted the regional health agency, the mayors’ association of France, the lodge… Finally they agreed to an experiment.”

Three accommodations are already approved on the cruiseincluding Bernadette Paynard in Saint-Dizier-la-Tour, “If the doctor suggests staying in a lodging house, patients should request a prior agreement from Social Security. As part of the experiment, we are asked to respond to the doctor, to explain how this happens. ‘Done.’ She has already welcomed two patients “Truly tired, angry, stressed: they rested and left refreshed.” They have Promised to return with or without a prescription.

Internet users smelled a scam

We salute all our listeners and internet users Identifying our April Fools. On Facebook, Dagnalorès comments: “ A very nice cruise, for April Fools fishing!

Ginny adds: “Nice April Fools I think. But why not, we’re in the cross.“As for Nathalie, she sums it up perfectly:”It might be an April Fool’s joke but I tested it (investing in a cruise to recharge my batteries) and it works!

See you next year for another 100% cruise April Fools

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