Antoine Dupont gets France revenge on Ireland and sends the Blues into the semi-finals! (video)

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In the quarter-finals of the Vancouver stage last night, DuPont’s try gave the French men’s sevens an extra-time win over Ireland! Earlier, the first half was very uneventful. The Blues made a number of inaccuracies but managed to score through Jordan Safo just before the break. In the second, French, with DuPont coming into the game, racked up fouls that led to Ryan Rabdge (delayed tackle) and Jefferson Lee-Joseph being sent off for, let’s say, two minutes. At 5 to 7, the Blues logically conceded the try but did not convert. The scoreboard then shows 5-5.

DuPont sends the Blues into the last four! (video)

When the 14 minutes were up, the Blues had one last scrum to negotiate on the Irish 22 metres. In the scrum half position, Antoine Dupont sees the anticipation of the side in front of him and starts in the closed to surprise everyone and try for victory (12-5). Another try by the French star in the tournament, which takes the Blues through to the semi-finals. They will take on the New Zealanders who defeated Olympic champions Fiji this Sunday evening to book a place in the final.

In sum

In the quarter-finals of the Vancouver stage, Antoine Dupont’s try won the French men’s sevens team in extra time against Ireland! A 12-5 victory for the Blues who will face New Zealand in the semi-finals.

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