Anti-acid, this first aid worker’s “all natural” remedy relieves reflux

Against Acid Reflux and Reflux, First Aid Shares Its “All-Natural” Recipe for After-Meal Drinks

Unpleasant and painful, acid reflux (or “gastric reflux”) manifests itself burns From the stomach to the throat, even in the mouth. They usually occur after eating, especially a big mealFat, sugar, spices or enriched Acidifying foods such as cheese, cold meat, offal, fermented foods or coffee. If it is occasional, these symptoms are usually mild. They are no less annoying. other side, If they are repetitiveThey may indicate a more serious problem and it is better to consult your doctor.

“Instant” relief

To avoid acid reflux and bloating after meals, Lionel Ventura, first aid trainer and founder of the LVPrvention account (2.4 million subscribers on TikTok) shares his recipe for a mixture “Completely natural that you just have to drink After your meal“: We take a glass and fill it Half plain water. Inside, we add the interest of half a LimeA natural anti-inflammatory“, explains the expert. Then we will add a spoonful of baking soda to eat. We leave well foam. “Once it stops foaming, add another tablespoon of baking soda. Then mix everything well Once everything is well dissolved, drink it and you will see, you will not get acid reflux“, assures the rescuer. Indeed, with a pH of 8.4 (above 7, the pH is called alkaline, as opposed to acid), food-grade baking soda Neutralizes the effects of acidity In the stomach, which produces Immediate relief. Contrary to what its acidic taste suggests, lime (less acidification than yellow) Alkaline when ingested. So it holds passive propertiesWhich helps to restore the acid-base balance of the body.

These people should not drink it

attention To take the “food” version of baking soda (which is Refined to strict standards and considered safe for human consumption) and Not a “home” or “tech” version which are used for domestic purposes and which Should not be ingested. But and above all, this should not be taken as an anti-reflux remedy “People who cannot tolerate an alkaline diet (Functional Colopathy For example, editor’s note)Those with breathing problems or those following a sodium-free (salt-free) diet“, refers to the rescuer.

In general, to avoid the occurrence of gastric reflux, it is advisable to avoid going to bed too early after dinner, to avoid very fatty or very large meals (Leave a delay of at least two hours before going to bed) and raise your head 45° when lying down.

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