An unrolled gem goes up for sale

More than three decades old, this amazing Chevrolet pickup sleeping in formaldehyde was never used and even preserved the plastic inside. How much is this classic 0km worth?


Chevrolet is synonymous with pickup, particularly in the United States, the birthplace of large, specialized trucks with powerful sports car engines. Here, recently, an old-school model appeared on a well-known auction website.

Macum is a company that puts classic vehicles up for sale in northern markets regardless of their imagination and maintains some of its online catalogs. 4,500 units in unbeatable condition (mostly classics) which can be accessed by any registered user.

Days ago, a very special model was discovered that responds to the pickup niche associated with the Chevrolet brand. One of those finds is worth knowing, because it’s not every day that we find a unit that’s over 30 years old and not in operation.

The pickup in question is none the less 454 ssA very special model of the brand with a golden bow that took its first steps in the 90s and knew how to compete with anyone else. Ford F-150 Lightning which was released years later.


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As advertised on the auction website, Its first and only owner acquired it on December 20, 1989. At an Ohio dealership and kept it in the same condition since day one. That is why he has spent the last 34 years storing it in a warehouse with different solutions to ensure that the passage of time does not affect its condition.

Chevrolet 454 SS, the spiciest pickup of the 1990s

In addition to looking at images and checking its excellent condition both inside and out, it never hurts to assume it may be a restoration. But this is negated when looking at the mileage it maintains: Traveled only 9 miles, about 14 kilometers.

At first glance you can see that the original painting Black Onyx It does not present any details and the sporty look of this particular version has been partially achieved. 15 inch wheelsWhich by the way still saves Original BF Goodrich tires With which he left the factory in 1990.


The cabin is another reason its condition stands out: it was never shot down. And that’s because of the red upholstery, which contrasts with the black paint on the bodywork and seats. They retain the original plastic cover. Different areas of the dashboard also have protectors, such as the dashboard frame.

Despite being a model more than three decades old, the equipment offered by this Chevrolet sports pickup was pretty complete: Air conditioning with digital displayl, steering wheel with height adjustment, electric windows, central locking, Stereo with cassette player and personal equalizer and classic cruise control.


Now, why do we say it’s a sports pickup? Because under its hood is a 7.4 liter gasoline V8 (454 cubic inches, hence its name) It Delivers 233 HP and 521 Nm of torque. An insane amount of power and torque for the time that was handled by the A Three-speed automatic transmission, which only went to the rear axle.

Logically, this Chevrolet 454 SS doesn’t just have a more powerful engine as it stands out for many improvements such as Recalibrated suspension and shock absorbers signed by Bilstein, As well as a more reinforced stabilizer bar. Although the auction has not started yet, it is estimated that the price will be around $125,000.


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