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Oh dear, PlayStation. We’re still waiting for PlayStation Plus to roll around a bit, and in some aspects, the service has redeemed itself, but March is off to a rough start.

It’s not yet clear which PlayStation games will join the service in March, but the titles that are leaving are dividing gamers because it feels like we’re missing out on a lot of great games. We can say that this is not all bad luck because there are free games that perfectly combine Alden Ring and Bloodborne, but is it enough to save us from the pain we feel?

In March, we’ll be saying goodbye to Heaven, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Outer Wilds on PS Plus, to name a few. “Too bad, too many good games,” lamented a player saddened by the news.

Others, though sad, sought advice on which to play before he left the service for good. At the top of the recommendation list was Ghostwire: Tokyo, with one fan saying, “Ghostwire: Tokyo is a unique game and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should.” »

Also recommended was Heaven, a game that I personally love for its unique controls, visuals and story. “Another game with good vibes, plus it’s great for co-op play, especially with a boyfriend/girlfriend (and you can choose the gender of both characters),” explained another fan. “But you can also play alone. A science fiction setting for a couple to explore an unknown planet while living their daily lives. »

Refresh your memory with the Spider Thread update trailer for Ghost Wire: Tokyo!

Now is the time to prioritize your gaming sessions if you want to complete one or more of these games. It’s not as stressful as finding out you’re one of the millions unable to play Hogwarts Legacy 2, but knowing you have a strict time limit to play the game isn’t a great feeling.

Time is running out now, so act fast and plan your attack if you want to finish these games before they disappear.

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