An outstanding collector’s PS5 that makes more than one dream!

A talented designer has developed a unique PS5 model on the theme of GTA 6 and its protagonist. And it clearly causes excitement. Everyone wants one!

GTA 6 is the most anticipated game of this new generation. After years of waiting, rumors and massive leaks, the game was finally released to the general public in late 2023. A presentation that was especially anticipated at the turn and which did not fail to break all records. The aura of the game is such that it inspires the most talented fans, as evidenced by this PS5 in beautiful colors of GTA 6.

PS5 in GTA 6 colors

Designer Alessandro Vincenti recently customized the PS5 in the colors of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto and it was a great success! As we can see in the post below, one side presents the GTA 6 logo. While the other side shows the face of Lucia, the main protagonist that we can see in the trailer, there is little revealed. While everything is completely hand-drawn or spray-painted, it looks easy on the artist. Obviously the time lapse helps to get this impression, but we still feel the genius and simplicity of the man.

As proof, just look at his account to admire other works of the same genre: PS5 for all tastes and colors. In addition to PS5 GTA 6, there’s also Nintendo Switch and Xbox with designs ranging from Mario to Diablo 4 to Marvel’s Spider-Man, always produced with the same functionality. The designs are so clean and high quality that it looks like every part is an official PlayStation model.

Moreover, for those who were tempted by its alternative PS5 shells, the Japanese company sells its own versions of the console’s side panels. For the moment, there is only a shell containing an image of the game created by Alessandro Vincenti on Instagram. This is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 cover. It costs €64.99. However, there is also a wide range of solid colors. In fact, there are 9 different models: Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Cosmic Red, Black, Cobalt Blue, Volcano Red, Silver and Camouflage Grey. This last color also has some patterns on its surface. Cases with the same color retail for €59.99 or €54.99.

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