An extraordinary stadium project, PSG abandoned the Parc des Princes!

Nasser El-Khelifi announced last week that he no longer wants to negotiate with Anne Hidalgo and Paris Town Hall. The president of PSG was not joking, as the future stadium project is enormous.

Tensions have risen in recent days between PSG and the capital’s town hall, following a vote by Paris’s elected officials who upheld the decision not to sell Parc des Princes to Paris Saint-Germain. Because in response to this choice made by Ann Hidalgo, the president of Qatar of the French champions blew the whistle for the end of the match and decided to find land elsewhere to build the stadium. The president of the Île-de-France region immediately warned the mayors concerned to offer their land to establish the future Paris Saint-Germain stadium. And this Tuesday, in L’Equipe, we understand very well why Nasser El-Khelaifi suddenly raised his voice. Because in this matter PSG now has the help of Artcos, which in December invested 500 million euros to acquire a 12.5% ​​stake in the capital club.

PSG looks bigger than the Parc des Princes

The American investor is well suited to advise Paris Saint-Germain on this matter as it has invested in several major American sports franchises. And the observation made by Arctos regarding Parisian stadiums is clear, the Parc des Princes is no longer suitable for clubs looking to develop, especially since the Porte de Saint-Cloud enclosure is isolated in a district where urban planning cannot change. PSG wants to dream big, and with its American shareholder, the future stadium project is enormous and cannot be satisfied with what currently exists, so a large land needs to be found. At L’Equipe, we know that Paris Saint-Germain and Arctos already have ideas in mind and it’s worth watching.

In addition to a state-of-the-art stadium with over 60,000 seats, the capital club wants to diversify its financial income before further increasing it. ” The various projects proposed by the American Investment Fund include solutions for building a real estate portfolio inside and outside the stadium. This will also allow various interactions between the two parties in hotels, restaurants, gyms, offices, parks, fan zones on match days, shopping centers, seasonal events (for example ice rinks in winter) (…). The idea of ​​organizing important events to arise (concerts, trade fairs, American sports meetings or other major meetings of influential Parisian handball or basketball clubs). In their extensive discussions in recent weeks, the Arktos and PSG teams have shown a common objective: to solve this problem as quickly as possible. », explains Loïc Tanzi. In other words, on the side of Paris Town Hall, it may well be that this time the Parc des Princes file will have to be resolved again, but this time without PSG. It also remains to be seen what Paris supporters will have to say about it all, with the Collectif Ultras Paris not keen to leave the iconic stadium.

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