Al-Khelaifi revealed why PSG did not honor Messi after the World Cup

anointing of Argentina national team In it Qatar World Cup It has already celebrated its first anniversary, but it still continues to produce its results. One of the most talked about topics after the victory was the coldness of it PSG to honor Lionel MessiWho avoided controversy while playing France But he did not hide his discomfort when he moved USA. And in the last hours Nasser al-Khalifi – the person who governed the fate of the Parisian entity – passed his judgment.

Rosario’s player in the French capital’s team did not have the same humility or flexibility that he showed with other members of the squad. The sanction imposed on him for absenting himself from training was like a prelude to a certain distance, but the coldness with which he was treated after reaching the top of the football planet hurt “10” more.

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On the day of his arrival, the star managed to get Paris, the least footballing capital of the world’s great metropolises, to fill its streets with fans to give him a warm welcome. A crowd accompanied their descent from the airport to the city center in a convoy that vibrated with other arts, and had rugby as its most traditional sport.

That image became “sepia” after a while. The numbers wink at the South American, but PSG It’s a strange club: he wants to establish himself as a permanent member among the greats EuropeDespite the constant frustrations in Champions League They don’t allow it.

Before this after accidental elimination Bayern MunichIn 2022, there was a break in the relationship between the lion And the fans, something that was evident when the soccer star got the world and was practically unrecognized.

What Nasser al-Khalifi said

No one can hide that they are two important personalities and the statement they make is loud, which is why the outcry caused by the manager when he gave his opinion was not surprising. “Messi He is the best player in history. It was a challenge for him to transition from that Barcelona And suddenly come here. I have a lot of respect for him. However, I do not accept that they speak ill Paris Saint-Germain. “I want the players to talk while they are at the club, not afterwards,” the Qatari leader shot in an interview with the podcast (Rothen s’enflamme) of a former footballer Jerome Rothen Published in RMC Sport.

Far from settling, he went for more: “It’s not respect. He’s not a bad guy, but I didn’t like him. I would say it’s not just for him, but for everyone. “Talking when we’re here, not when we’re not.”

Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Lionel Messi after winning the World Cup

After that quiz, he tried to focus on PSG’s reaction and explained the reason why they didn’t gleefully highlight the man currently defending the PSG shirt. Inter Miami: “We don’t celebrate Messi because he won the World Cup against France and he won against them KylianAnd because we’re also a French club, we didn’t celebrate it so the fans wouldn’t whistle at him.”

What did Messi say?

In an interview with an Argentinian comedian Migue Granados He did not hide his discomfort with the treatment he received PSG. At that time the note was the most anticipated part of the sports agenda and it did not disappoint, as it had everything.

Migue, as he is known in the environment, knows a little about football. That is why the purpose of the meeting was to talk about other topics related to ball number five, but in reviewing his private life – inevitably – touched on the topic of number 10 “Paris”. A few seconds after publishing his beautiful experience in Miamiadmitted that he did not have the time he dreamed of in the French capital.

The Argentine star recalled his time at the French club in a fun interview with Argentine comedian Miguel Granados.

“Would you prefer not to pass through Paris?” the interviewer asks. And he answers simply: “It happened, it was not as I expected. But I always say that things happen for a reason. Even though I was not well, I had to be the world champion there. Everything happens for a reason. Because,” he began his story.

However the cross-questioning was intended to create some controversy Kylian MbappéLeo was clear in separating him from his former partner and pointing directly at him PSG. “It was good with Kylian. It was understandable afterwards, I was there where we won the final and they didn’t become champions again because of ‘our mistake’. I was the only player who didn’t get recognition in the 26th. National The boys on the team.”

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