Airstrikes continue between Russia and Ukraine, amid a harsh winter that makes it difficult to move overland

Airstrikes continue between Russia and Ukraine, amid harsh winters that make it difficult to move by land (Europa Press)

Ukraine And Russia They keep theirs Air strikes In the midst of a harsh winter, which, due to adverse weather conditions, made it difficult for troops to move by land. In fact, the Kremlin has ordered its biggest attacks since the start of the war nearly two years ago.

The day after the crossfire, Moscow’s Defense Ministry reported that Kiev had launched an offensive against the peninsula with dozens of missiles. Crimea, which has been illegally occupying for a decade, at least ten of which were shot down by its anti-aircraft defense system.

However, in the port of Sevastopol, Crimea’s largest city, one person was injured when debris hit a downed air target, regional governor Mikhail Razvozayev said. The episode also set off emergency sirens in the area and forced traffic disruptions on the Kerch Bridge, which connects the peninsula to Russia’s Krasnodar region and is one of the main steps in Russia’s supply chain.

Ukraine announced that the Kerch Bridge will become one of its military objectives in 2024 (Europa Press)

This action was in line with President Volodymyr Zelensky’s statements to the American media a few days ago EconomistIn which he announced that, during the new year, the soldiers would have new objectives, among them, Detach the Russian army on the occupied peninsula“Cut” the routes connecting it with the enemy country.

Thus, he continued, the Kerch bridge It has become a “military objective” for Kiev, which will not stop its efforts to destroy this infrastructure that has been affected by invasions on previous occasions but which the Kremlin has always managed to restore.

“Russia must know that, for us, it is a military objective,” the president insisted in his warning.

For his part, Vladimir Putin also ordered a new round of attacks against Ukraine in the past few hours. Governor Oleh Sinihubov said two S-300 missile hits were recorded on the center on Wednesday night. KharkovThe country’s second largest city was the target of almost daily airstrikes last week.

Two S-300 missiles hit the center of Kharkiv on Wednesday night (REUTERS)

Also in KropivnitskyIn central Ukraine, one person was killed and an energy facility was damaged during an attack this Thursday morning, Governor Andriy Rykovich added.

In any case, it wasn’t all bad news for Ukrainians as Zelensky’s troops managed to intercept two Shahid drones over the Khmelnytskyi region in the country’s mid-west, where an important air base is located in Starokonstantinov.

That is why Kiev insists Western Allies That they keep theirs helps Given the country, its weapons are key to the defense of the region and, without them, its strategy could be completely undermined.

A senior military official revealed that Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses could also run out of ammunition if not for more shipments from partners in the medium and long term. “The current situation in terms of mobile air defense systems and ammunition (…) is sufficient to resist the next attacks” therefore, the priority now is to “acquire more ammunition” to counter the Russians who “really want anti-aircraft defense”. system,” he confessed.

(with information from AP)

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