We love games. They also? Codelist is one of the largest and leading online magazines about video games and entertainment in English-speaking countries. We connect players and games with up-to-the-minute news, comprehensive articles, exclusive reports and authentic moving images.

What we offer:

  • Popular gaming and entertainment platform
  • SEO strong portal / Google positioning
  • Collaborations with publishers, developers, and agencies
  • Reach strong and authentic social media appearances on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Desktop, tablet and mobile version of our website
  • Optimized forms of advertising for mobile


On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also niche platforms such as Tumblr and Reddit, the news, articles, and videos of the brand are presented to hundreds of thousands of users with great acceptance. PlayCentral is known to many readers as an authentic and trusted source. The brand is geared towards the target group depending on the platform. An own social media editorial produces daily own original content, which is shown only on these channels.


Since 2009, Codelist Social Brands have been built from the ground up SEO optimized. The website has an excellent reputation on and Google News. For every new and old topic, the brand has a prominent listing on search engines. The YouTube channel has no warnings. On Twitter and Instagram, top posts are always available through original and high-traffic hashtags. The entire team has many years of SEO experience, knows the tricks and educates themselves through workshops and partner discussions in order to keep SEO strong in the portfolio.

We reach a large audience every month and offer great advertising opportunities. If you are interested in advertising with us, please contact us using our contact form, which you can find here. or use the contact information found below the “meet our team” section.