According to Kiev, a new Russian ship was destroyed by a naval drone in Crimea

The Caesar Kaunikov in the black sea.
Alexey Pavlishak / Reuters

The Ukrainian military command claimed in a telegram that Cesar Kaunikov “was in Ukrainian territorial waters near Alupka at the time of the attack.”

Kiev warned: the Black Sea will remain a priority for 2024. A new Russian ship was destroyed in Crimea this Wednesday by the Ukrainian military: Caesar Kaunikov. “He was in Ukrainian territorial waters, near Alupka, at the time of the attack.”, claimed military command over Telegram. It is said to have been destroyed by a naval drone strike. The Russian Defense Ministry has not yet communicated, but claims to have shot down six Ukrainian drones. “Above the Waters of the Black Sea” at night A Russian Ka-27 helicopter, designed for search and rescue flights, was spotted on the small beach of Foros, about 20 kilometers from Alupka, RBC-Ukraine, a Ukrainian news agency, reported. The media also published a video of a naval drone of the special forces of the military intelligence group 13 of GUR, Kyiv.

Ship built in Gdansk

The landing ship was built in 1986 at the then Soviet-occupied Gdansk Shipyards in Poland. It had already been attacked on March 24, 2022, shortly after the large-scale Russian offensive in Berdyansk. The images showed him running away with his forecastle filled with smoke. Unusual fact: Caesar Kaunikov Decommissioned on the anniversary of the death (February 14, 1943) of the naval officer in whose honor it was named.

In October 2015, it was used to supply military equipment to the Russian-allied Syrian army. her “Sister Ship”The Novocherkassk SCALP in Crimea by the Ukrainian army on December 26, was destroyed by a strike by French missiles. The ship was suspected of harboring numerous Iranian Shahed 136 drones.

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War in Ukraine

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