About 20 heads of state and government meet in Paris on Monday

The vast majority of European leaders will attend this meeting at the Elysee this Monday, February 26.

About 20 heads of state and government, mostly European, are meeting in Paris this Monday, February 26, to reaffirm their solidarity and support for Ukraine, in a very difficult situation after more than two years of war. Trying against Moscow.

The vast majority of European leaders, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Polish President Andrzej Duda, as well as the prime ministers of 15 EU countries, will attend the meeting at the Elysée, which will begin with a video conference intervention by the Ukrainian president. Volodymyr Zelensky.

Americans and Canadians

Hungarian and Slovak representatives, the two EU countries most reluctant to Ukraine, will not be present “for agenda reasons”, says Elysee. The meeting will be attended by the American and Canadian representatives as well as the head of British diplomacy, David Cameron.

The aim is to “restore and test all the means of effectively supporting Ukraine”, suggests Elysee, in a context of concern at a time when Kiev, lacking weapons and ammunition, finds itself in a difficult situation. .

“It contradicts the impression that things are falling apart, reaffirms that we are not tired and we are determined to stop the Russian aggression. We want to send a clear message to Putin that he will not win in Ukraine”, the French president stressed. .

“do well”

If new aid announcements are not planned, the participants will examine ways to do it “better and more decisively”, after Kiev confirmed on Sunday that half of the promised Western weapons were being delivered late.

“Everyone is doing everything they can in terms of arms delivery. We should all be able to do better together, each according to their abilities,” according to the French presidency.

Several European countries, including France, Germany and Italy, have signed bilateral security agreements with Kiev in recent weeks, but the EU has struggled to keep its commitments, particularly with regard to shell deliveries. And American aid, crucial to Kiev, is blocked by Donald Trump’s Republican troops, who currently hold a majority in Congress.

“We are neither resigned nor defeated,” Elysee insists, “There will be no victory for Russia in Ukraine.”

According to the French presidency, the meeting will also look at the rise in cyber and information attacks from an “increasingly aggressive” Russia and what represents a “growing threat to Europe”.

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