Abinader explains the reasons for his hasty trip to NY; Reduces weekly LA time

President Louis Abinader reported this Monday afternoon that it is essential journey As soon as possible in the city of NY, To see if you can attend a United Nations Security Council meeting (UN).

On arrival at LA Weekly with Press, The president explained that his A quick trip That’s because they warned him that there was Snow storm in New York.

In that sense, he explained that said The meeting with the press will be short this MondayCompared to previous meetings. The activity with reporters and President Ebineder lasted less than an hour.

“LA Seminal will be short, because They warned In what NY there is Snow storm“So I must leave as soon as possible, to see if I can get there Security Council meeting tomorrow (Tuesday).

The president’s departure from the country was already announced by presidential spokesman Homero Figueroa, who did not specify when the president would travel.

Participation of In that meeting, Abinedar, That is scheduled to happen at a time when the crisis in neighboring Haiti has worsened 11:30 am.

Figueroa reported that the president He will return to the country on the same Tuesday night.

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