A video shows passengers on a burning Japan Airlines flight: calm and waiting for instructions videos

On January 2, two planes collided on the runway at Haneda Airport in Japan. Japan Airlines Flight 516 collided with a Coast Guard aircraft destined for Niigata Prefecture, where it was carrying supplies after a 7.6-magnitude earthquake rocked the island.

The commercial airline had 367 passengers and 12 crew members who survived the crash. . Instead, five of the Coastal plane’s six crew members died after the crash. The impact occurred when the Coast Guard plane was maneuvering on the runway.

Passengers on board the airliner escaped the fire through an emergency ramp. In the video you can see how the cabin begins to fill with smoke, while through the windows you can see the fire spreading through the fuselage. The people on board ask for the door to be opened so they can get off. Crew members ask that they leave their bags behind and, seated, passengers wait for instructions from the staff in charge. They put cloths over their faces to keep the smoke out of their noses while they wait for further instructions from flight attendants.

crew member Anton DeBay declared The New York Times:There was less commotion than I would have thought. The passengers were quiet. Of course, everyone was worried and scared.

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