A sunken Spanish galleon hides $20 billion in treasure


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Colombia: Sunken Spanish Galleon Hides $20 Billion in Treasure -

Colombia: Sunken Spanish galleon hid $20 billion in treasure

Colombia: Sunken Spanish galleon hides $20 billion in treasure – (France 2)

About ten years ago a Spanish galleon was found at the bottom of the water on the Colombian islands. 300 years after its sinking, images show it still contains several hundred thousand euros worth of treasure.

In the depths of the ocean near Colombia, what may be the most important archaeological discovery of our century still lies dormant. This is the Spanish galleon San Jose, sunk by the British on the night of June 7, 1708. Inside, there is an extraordinary treasure, which an expedition is preparing to bring for the first time. It is a mixture of gold coins, silver coins and precious stones. The largest ship of the Spanish Armada, whose location has been a mystery for hundreds of years, will finally reveal its secrets.

The treasure is estimated at 20 billion dollars

Located in 2015, the wreck was found at a depth of 600 meters. The exact location is kept secret. In April, an expedition using robots will collect certain items. The treasure, estimated today at $20 billion, remains intact from the day the ship sank. It is currently at the center of a legal battle between Colombia, which claims its rights to the wreck, and Spain, which believes that despite the years, the boat still belongs to it. A bilateral agreement can be negotiated between the two countries.

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