A Pokemon Go player was struck by luck with an incredible mew

Gaston Cooney

One particularly lucky Pokemon Go player, thanks to Arceus, finally completed a field research mission that had been years in the making, and the reward was even better than he could have imagined.

In Pokemon, it’s one thing to start an endless quest called “Catch Them All”. But, if you’re even remotely interested in competitive battles, finding rare Pokemon with good stats is another challenge.

Pokemon Go has a dedicated battle scene, but with catching and trading limits that don’t exist in the main games, finding Pokemon with good stats is more important. There are no mints or capsules.

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So a Pokemon Go player feels lucky after finally completing a field research mission he’s been working on for years, because his reward was as good as it gets.

A lucky Pokemon Go player gets a perfect mew from a field research mission

A Pokemon Go player named u/jasdanu_36 shared a post on Reddit, showcasing his very lucky catch, as he managed to get a mew with perfect stats from a field research mission after years of trying.

They shared comments alongside the post saying: “The Gods of Random have blessed me!”

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Then, he explains in more detail, adding: “Posted last night about finally being able to evolve a Magikarp to complete the ‘Special Study A Mythical Discovery’. Well, I just finished it and was rewarded with a perfect mew. I don’t believe it. There are so many years of study left and it ends with 4*”..

Other players shared their surprise and envy in the comments, with one person saying: “Rngsus, I see what you have done for others and I want it for myself.”

Another player takes the opportunity to show off their own capture, responding by saying: “Not to brag, but I have a lucky Shundo, a pure Mewtwo”.

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Meanwhile, a player shared that they achieved the same feat, saying: “I also got 100% Mew, I use it in my Grand League team to cover my weak points”.

The person behind the original post responds, saying: “I did not have good expectations. With the Dragon event going on, I’m just getting crappy IVs across the board. So it was a pleasant surprise to see a 4*.”

Finally, another player encourages them to level up, adding: “Man, this is what you need to maximize and utilize in the Master League.”

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Whether the player decides to keep this perfect Mew under 1500 CP for the Grand League or train it to battle the best in the Ultra League, this little Mew is shaping up to be a star for Pokemon Go Battle Day 2024.

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